Disabled rail card

I am in receipt of Attendance Allowance, lower rate. I currently have a Senior Rail Card that runs out in November.

Does anyone know if I can renew this as a Disabled Rail Card?


Yes you can I’m not to sure as I have not renewed mine £25 think last 1yr gives 25% off so well worth it if use trains alot

Just give rail company ring

With a Senior Citizens Railcard you get a third off travel. I paid £70 for a three year card and it runs out in November.

I am not sure but I think the benefit of a Disabled Rail Card is a person that travels with you gets a third off too.

I will check when mine comes up for renewal.

Yes that is correct, the person travelling with the card holder also gets 1/3 off and there are no time restrictions on its use. There is no minimum fare or restrictions like that which can be an issue for other card holders in some areas. Last time I renewed it was £20 for one year and £54 for three, but check as the rates may have changed.

If you contact disabled persons rail card they will accept Parkinson’s as a disability all you need is to contact them and then send or email proof of positive diagnoise which I used a letter from my neurologist to myself & GP following an appointment took about 2 weeks from contacting them to get my DPRC.

Here is the email I got confirming eligibility please feel free to share

Hi John,

Thanks for your email about eligibility.

I’m pleased to confirm that you’d qualify, and all that you’d need to provide as your proof when applying would be a letter from your GP or Consultant that confirms you have Parkinsons.

I hope this helps and have a Merry Christmas.

Thanks again for getting in touch.

Kind regards,

DPRC Email Team

Many thanks for all your replies.

the website has a specific list of qualifiers and PD is not one of them. Anyone else got a DPRC solely on a diagnosis of PD

I just had to send a copy of the letter proving I received Attendance Allowance. Doesn’t matter if it is only the low rate.

Hello @Jay_Clock,
Yes I did see my threads in earlier post. It is easier I believe to pick up the telephone and discuss your situation with them. Otherwise email them with your concern that Parkinson’s is not on their list and the impact it has on you. You do not need to have a PIP or any mobility allowance to qualify, my evidence was a simply a copy of a letter from my neurologist confirming I had Parkinson’s, in fact it was just a letter following one of my appointments.

ok the latest

emailed them and they said get a letter from GP. Done. I emailed that and without saying “yes it’s fine” they said apply online. The only options are to tick various boxes like “PIP” “Blind” “Epilepsy” etc. I ticked the PIP box the uploaded a) the GP’s letter, b) the email from the railcard team and c) a letter from me stating I don’t have PIP but explaining my circs. Paid £54 for 3 years so will see what happens

Fingers crossed that you get one, interested to see the outcome. Stay safe :sunglasses:

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I realise that I had not updated this. They came back to me and rejected it and said I wasn’t eligible! If anyone can find a way of me getting one without having PIP et cetera to let me know

@Jay_Clock sorry to hear you were not successful, I found the online form useless and not helpful to use at all.
My process was I wore to them by email, detailed how parkinsons affected my daily life and lack of indepence to travel. I also called them and spoke again about my issues and the mental importance of being able to travel indepently.
Then as in the threads above when they wrote back they agreed I would be eligible and would need a letter from my neurologist. I also if I recall correctly spoke with them again after sending in letter asking if they needed anymore information or evidence. That’s when I got the email above agreeing I meet the criteria.
As with anything PD related talk about your worse days not your best. My advice is defiantly do not use the form or try via online but to contact them via telephone and discuss you and stress the need for independent travel & the mental wellbei g that causes. Always back up the call with an email to a named individual.
I guess what I am saying is don’t take no as the answer and keep going but talk to someone at DPRC.
Good luck with your next application and if you want PM me and we can talk about the things I included in my application and communications. I probably can find my initial email I sent to start the process. If I can find it In will post it on this thread.
Good luck John :sunglasses: