Disappearing posts in my discussions

I keep on receiving notifications that there are new posts in my discussions but when I look at my discussions there are no new posts

Yep me to had 46 last week cleared them by opening each post on my list then closing them through the " my account " option at the very top of the page tiresome but it works,  I now have 14 so it's not a perfect solution,

I also find when I post on a topic the page goes to photos on the Twitter and my post vanished into the void equally tiresome .

 Live well.  Cc

Hi Rosewall and Cheshire Cat,

Sorry to hear you've been having these problems with receiving notifications for posts that are then not there. Thanks for letting us know, I will pass this on to our Web Team.

Cheshire Cat - can you say more about what's happening when you post in a topic and the page goes to photos on Twitter - is it the Parkinson's UK Twitter or your own Twitter account? Does this happening every time you try and post something, but if you do it again it doesn't happen?

Best wishes,

Alethea, Digital Team 

Hi Alethea

 I write a post tap on post at the bottom of the new comment box the icon turns white as usual but I don't get the processing message at the top then after a second or two my screen goes to PDUK Twitter photo page and when i go back a page my post is gone,

Sometimes it happens two or three times in a Row other times I can go days without it happening 

Hope that's enough info for you to work with .

  Live well.  Cc

O I nearly forgot when I post it shows up on my account as a new post so I have to go back to it again and then back to my account to get rid of it 




I’m sorry to hear you’re all having issues. If my below comments don’t help with your specific issues, please answer these questions and email them to [email protected] and our Web Team will look into the issue with you further:

• What type of device you were using to access the forum, e.g. pc/apple  mac/notebook/tablet/ipad/smartphone etc.
• Which browser, and browser version you are using
• When the issue occurs, eg after hitting the 'Post' button/after editing a post, while typing, which buttons you pressed, etc.
• Did the issue occur after a period of inactivity, or on a particularly long post?

Betty Blue - I can tell you’re really upset, I’m sorry that your posts keep disappearing.  I know this is something that a number of people have had issues with. I really need more details from you to try and detect why this is happening (see above questions). Without those details, I can offer you the below general information about disappearing posts:

• Make sure you don’t accidentally double click on the ‘post’ button.

• The backspace button activating when your cursor is not active within the text area - read comment #3 – and Internet Explorer being difficult.

• Write your responses in a saved word document and paste them into the comment box. Here's instructions about copying and pasting text into forum posts.

• Using Emoji emoticon characters.

Rosewall and Cheshire Cat, in regards to the post notifications, I’m not sure I completely understand where you’re running into issues:

When you’re in ‘My Account’ (link at the top of the page), if someone has posted in any post that you have commented in, you should have notifications in ‘Our forum’ (on the right sideshows notifications), ‘My latest discussions’ (across the bottom of the page) and then click on ‘See all my discussions’ (bottom right) -

[[{"fid":"22888","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"","field_media_tags[und]":""},"type":"media","link_text":null,"attributes":{"height":263,"width":350,"class":"media-element file-default"}}]]

This ‘See all my discussions’  brings you to a list of all the threads/posts that you have commented on,  shows if they have been ‘updated’ and indicates if there is a ‘new’ post in any topic that you have posted in, and if you click on the date under the ‘Last post’ column will bring you directly to that.

[[{"fid":"22891","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"","field_media_tags[und]":""},"type":"media","link_text":null,"attributes":{"height":212,"width":350,"class":"media-element file-default"}}]]

Rosewall – you should have received a notification in both ‘Our Forum’ and ‘My latest discussions’ that I have commented on the post you created called ‘Disappearing posts in my discussions’. Let me know if this is not happening.

Cheshire Cat - when you are trying to post something and get brought to the Parkinson’s UK Twitter page, had you previously been on the Twitter page in that browser? What internet browser are you using?

I wonder if the problem could be something to do with the backspace button activating when your cursor is not active within the text area - read comment #3.

In regards to your other comment about your own new posts showing up in your account, the system is designed that way so that when you create a post it’s going to show up – the second image above shows that the ‘Test’ post I created is listed in my thread of my ‘Recent posts’.

If these descriptions don’t help please do email [email protected] with answers to the questions listed at the top of this post, and if it's about the notifications, perhaps you could also reference where within this description/screen shots your issue is happening?

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Digital Team

Hi Alithea

ipad mini.   Safari   When I hit post.  Happens randomly 

I don't use Twitter or have a Twitter account.  Again its random 

I sometimes get ( eg 24 ) new posts on my account page but 2 real posts in my discussion list   Again it happens randomly 

Hi to answer all your questions yes I was very upset I was right at the end of a private message when it disappeared and I am very keen to help my friends on this forum

• What type of device you were using to access the forum, e.g. pc/apple  mac/notebook/tablet/ipad/smartphone etc.

• Which browser, and browser version you are using

Windows 8.1 which is rubbish
• When the issue occurs, eg after hitting the 'Post' button/after editing a post, while typing, which buttons you pressed, etc.

I did not have a chance to hit post it just vanished
• Did the issue occur after a period of inactivity, or on a particularly long post?

normal size post was on laptop constantly then again in a PM

Hope my answers can get this resolved.

BB Karen.

Hi Cheshire Cat and Betty Blue,

Thanks for these details; I will pass them along to our Web Team.


Yes Alethea, the new post that you made is as it should be but it still says that there are six new posts in  mjy discussions and there is not one of the discussions that says new post in it.


Its just happened again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really starting to loss my rag with this.


Hi Rosewall - this has been passed on to our Web Team.

Hi Betty Blue - as I said above this has been passed on to our Web Team. While they are looking into this I would recommend writing all your responses in a saved word document and pasting them into the comment box. Here's info about copying and pasting text into forum posts.

Kind regards,

I've just discovered the cause at least one vanishing scenario whilst trying to follow some other advice . If your last letter was  wrong  and you intend to backspace to remove but happen to stop one space beyond, i.e. just about out of the text area  and then Mr. parky produces a double  click of the cursor, everything turns blue and if you have already embarked on the back space, then as you do, , ooomph!!! everything disappears.  II don't think it happens between words  but I dare not try that in case this post disappears.  This is more likely to happen if you are a touch typist like me as you are not looking up at the screen that often.  All you will know is that your post has disappeared. 

I find with my newer Windows 7 things have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous  where it used  incredibly hard (especially with shaky fingers) to highlight the bit of text you were targeting  the cursor now  highlights things at the drop of a hat.  It also does it when you wander too near the edge of the screen but I haven't got round to trying to work this one out.  My email regularly vanishes draft emails into outer space but that's another story


I use Mozilla solely  for the forum as I cannot cut and paste with Internet  - With Mozilla, the set up puts up a box saying that your  browser will not paste but telling you what to do next.  Bit long-windeed but reliable

Well I to have found what's causing one of my problems   The Twitter link is directly below the post button and when I tap on post the page moves up and sends me to Twitter and my post to were ever vanishing posts go to.  So now I have to remember to move the page up before tapping the post button.............o well something more to remember    Live well.  Cc

Well it still says I have 9 new replies but when I go to all my discussions there is only one new reply. I give up!!!

Hi Rosewall

I have the same thing, when it gets to 20 posts i go through my discussions one by one then back to my account n that clears them ready for the next lot 

Hi all,

Recently this blog about computer tips for people with Parkinson’s was shared with us was shared with us and includes details of how to change the number of clicks on your mouse, which may be of help?


Betty Blue -
You said the issue you’re having is content disappearing before you hit the ‘post’ button – that seems like all your text may be highlighting and deleting?

If this is what’s happening you can hit the undo button in the tool bar of the comment box, circled in the below photo, which should recover the deleted text for you.

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Alternatively, another issue that can cause text to delete before you hit the post button is when your mouse cursor is not active within the text comment box (if it’s somewhere on the web page outside the box), the backspace button can activate and thus delete the text in your comment box.

Rosewall -
I now understand what you’re referring to, and see that the same thing happens to me. At this point, I agree that what Cheshire Cat says is the best way to clear out the notifications:

To get the ‘X number of new posts in your discussion’ number (within ‘My account’ and the ‘Our Forum’ box on the right side) to go down click on that link with the number in it, and then when in your ‘Recent Posts’ clicking/opening the names of each of the threads even though it doesn’t say ‘new post’.

It’s definitely fiddly, but has been passed on to our web team to look into more.


Eileen Patricia and Cheshire Cat -
Thank you for sharing the solutions you have found to the issues you were having with posting content on the forum, I’m glad you’ve made these discoveries!

Best wishes,

Thanks for moving the Twitter button now if I'm not careful when I end up on Flickr.  LOL 

Never mind   Live well. Cc