Disappointed response from PDS

I didn't know where to post this but hope this is an appropriate forum.

Many weeks ago we added a codicil to our wills as we wanted to leave a legacy to the PDS.It is not a huge sum but neither is it a small one, in our opinion.

We had previously requested information on this and the literature that was sent included a form to return to the PDS to inform them if you were going to include them in your will.

We returned the form stating our intention of leaving £***** in due course.

We did expect an acknowledgment of this, in due time, and perhaps a thank you,in advance, as we will not be here to receive one!!!

However, to date, we have not had any response.

Are we being too judgemental in this? I would have thought it a courtesy to respond.

I contribute a monthly sum by DD to PDS each month and do not expect a thank you every year for this although, even for this, I received an acknowledgement after the event.

I do though expect,in the near future, another phone call asking me to increase my contribution again. I do not know what my reply might be considering our recent experience.
Benji, a bit of advice.

You have always seemed to me a very caring person in the short period that I have known you.
I am sure that you have lived a good and true life and do not deserve this pox that blights us.

Keep your money and go on a world cruise.
Enjoy life while you are able and just put others in the background for a change.

Its not being selfish. Its a reward for the all your hard work and for leading a decent life.

And as the good book says.......you reap what you sow!!

you've had a good harvest......have a good blow out before the hyenas move in for the scavenge.


ps the World is an Oyster.........go and cultivate its pearls.
wow poker what a lovely response, i haven't posted much lately because i haven't felt i needed to i have just kept reading, but your words really touched me this morning. how nice.
i knew there was a pussycat in there somewhere.keep it up it's so nice.

I actually think this must simply have been an administrative oversight (hey is this cynical ol' ME saying that?) I'd give them a call and remind them. If I am generous it's such a rare event everyone's got to acknowledge it!

May I take the liberty of printing my poem a second time here in the wrong place as I feel it concurs with Pokers sentiments (which of course it would seeing he's me mammy!:sunglasses:)

I waited too long on the edge of my life
As others stepped past through the veil
Hesitant always I crept through my time
Afraid that one day I might fail.
Frightened of many who I could not see
Would have walked with me gladly
but were frightened of me.
I was pulled through the plateau
By a strong silent hand
Always seeing the world
In a few grains of sand.
And now here I am
On the edge of the end
The plateau still empty and green
But I cannot stride out
To the mountains and lakes
To find out what I haven’t seen
Sorry smiley won't oblige..must be a reason!

I must say throughout my life I have often found that strong personalities of a slightly rebellious nature are often the most caring of people... protest emerges from passion....
When in the inner halls of the headmasters chambers, or in this case, the PDS administration, beware the hidden bamboo shaft lurking in the shadows. This beast, wielded by its incumbent master, lays quivering in patient and silent anticipation for the innocent prey to break the unwritten rule which denies mirth and merriment. To open the verbal aperture formed as a crescent is in direct violation of all that is sacrosanct to the bendy one. Punishment is the severest of penalties. A day with the weight wishers down in the depths of the forum with Mr bamboo flailing your tail!!!!1
I am sure this is an oversight.I gave up giving Christmas presents to those who could not be bothered to write a thank you E mails/letters/phone calls.If you do not hear could I suggest you write again expressing your feelings.
Meanwhile,Pokermids advice is sound.We are spending our money while John is still active enough to enjoy it.Live for the moment.
Thank you all for your replies.

A big thank you Pokermid for your kind words, it is lovely to hear that you think of me as a caring person purely by what I have posted. As for your other advice.............

We are very fortunate to have been able to do a world cruise this year. When I took early retirement I decided that my lump sum would be used for that and not stuck in a bank waiting for the rainy day. The rainy day had already arrived and any more rainy days would just have to look after themselves!

I took early retirement 4 years ago, in my early 50's, as it is my OH who is the PwP. Diagnosed at age 47, ten years ago.

We are doing all that we planned for the usual retirement age, right now, and as often as we are able, with the blessing of our daughters.

I realise that we have been very lucky to be able to do what many dream of doing and would not have posted this if the subject had not been raised.I hope that everyone on this forum will manage to fulfill one of their dreams as we have.