Hi. My name is Carol Spooner. Iam 66 yrs.old and I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons.
I am finding it hard to get my head round this, as its taken ages to get a diagnosis. It all started about 6 yrs.ago when I was still working for BA. Kept making mistakes, saw different doctors and neurologists for all kinds of tests. Felt awful at the time, like I was lying or something, but I knew there was something wrong with me. I decided to retire, thinking that may help, but it hasnt. I still went for more tests and different doctors and neurologists. Until my now neurologist Dr.Kennedy, from Charing X hosp. did a DAT scan, among other tests and gave me the diagnosis of PD. There is still the problem of my light-headedness, dont know what that may be, also in the last couple of days, my vision has become very blurry. Does anyone else have these problems or is it just me? Thanks for reading…

Welcome to the forum Carol1, unfortunately i’m unable to help you in this particular instance. Have a look in the Parkinsons Health category it says there about symptoms so may be you can find something that relates. All I can say is keep a positive attitude and be the best you can everyday. On here we’re all different but we are all a friendly bunch. Take care and stay safe.


Hi Carol. Sorry to hear about your various problems. My husband has PD and has also been experiencing blurred vision. Because some people with PD can find their eyes affected he was sent to Moorfields Eye Hospital for tests. I’d definitely suggest getting your eyes tested in the first instance and if they can’t offer up an explanation then I’d ask your neurologist or the PD nurse for a referral. With regard to the light-headedness: my husband also has autonomic dysfuncton, which isn’t uncommon among PD sufferers, I believe. One of the symptoms is a light-headedness and dizziness. In his case it’s because seated he has normal blood pressure but when he stands, the blood pressure plummets. Might be worth getting yours checked in case there’s a connection. Good luck!

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Thank You Oodles441 for your advice.
I will definitely check that out, for the blurry vision and light headedness.
I will be having bp checked over a 24hr period.
Thanks again.