I am a keen cyclist with parkinson's and the parkinson's has affected my balance and coordination and i tire easily.  This has meant that i have struggled to go on club rides and hence have been doing less and less cycling.

I have solved the problem by buying a recumbent trike with a motor and now i can go out on club rides and lead rides and cycle with my husband. It is brilliant and I am really enjoying it.

But today i asked 2 friends if i could cycle with them and the one said she did not want to cycle with me because i was on a trike.

i was really upset. the rest of the club who were there at the time are quite happy to cycle with me and said to take no notice of this person.

Is this allowed ? It seems to me to be discrimination?

Sorry to hear you have had an upsetting day Mandy . I would have felt upset too . What difference does it make ? I would ask her why she has said this and tell her you felt very upset . She doesn't sound very understanding . Good for you for buying the recumbent trike and maintaining a positive attitude . Cycle with the rest of the group instead . 

Hear, hear.

Wonder why your so-called friend really didn't want to cycle with you.  Maybe scared of being left behind! Or, maybe she was worried about your visibility to traffic, as recumbents are quite low down compared to upright bikes. Do you have a tall flag? Hope you can find out the real reason and have a chance to educate her. 

Bet it was a cold ride though. Can't wait to get out of these winter layers - roll on Spring!

Happy safe pedalling.



Thanks. I did ask why and she said it was because she thought trikes were dangerous.  She has never ridden with me on the trike so has no evidence.I do have a flag etc. I rang a few I had ridden with and they were all very happy to ride with me when I am on the trike.