Dispersal madopar

Hi I have recently been given dispersal madopar to take when needed to boost me inbetween my meds. I have suffered with diarrhoea every time i eat something. Is this normal when you first start taking them.

Hi Beany, I started adding dispersible Madopar, about 2 months ago, as well, but haven't suffered any diarrhoea. I try and take all my meds. on an empty stomach........quite difficult when popping pills every 2hrs. or so!!!  Let's see what others say.


Hi Beany,

No diarrhoea, but OH found that they were pretty useless. No positive effect at all.Hope you find them helpful despite the possible nasty side effects.Maybe it's a co incidence that you put down to the dispersibles. I would ask the helpline if this IS a possible side effect, other wise get yourself off to your GP to get sorted.

Hi Beany,

i too have been given despersable Madopah and take half of a tablet 'for emergencies'.

I'm lucky - they do a good job of getting me 'working' again and I haven't had any side effects.

Hope you find something that works for you