Hi all.

Also new to the group.  Just diagnosed ,  46    so early onset it seems.   No medications needed yet ,  so seeing how things will progress. Looks like a very helpful group you have here.



We are indeed  a helpful and friendly group.

My OH was diagnosed aged 47.

Me two dx at 47 now 50 if you need any questions answered just ask some will reply and we do our best to help weather you are affected with PD yourself or looking after someone who has PD.


BB xx


dx @ 44 now 46

Thanks folks   ...   have you seen much change in the last   3   ,2      years    respectively?


Hi, you're symptom's must be pretty mild if they have not started you on medication yet?

Has anyone  had different reactions to medications ? if I have   requip I can just  about  manage but when the brand  changed  i get adverse side effects have  discussed this with  my  GP but don't think that  he agreed

Yes Trev ,  some tremor when relaxing and in morning,   not when I'm working or active.


Diagnosed at 50, (52 now) although took nearly two years to diagnose. On "Madopa", but not enough. Have tried every other drug available for PD, but can't seem to tolerate any of them. All thats available to me now is pump / injection therapy, or surgery. Has anybody had experience of the injections (which I'm booked to try next), after finding that you're not tolerating drug therapy?

There is a free three week course available for anyone whom wants to learn about our condition I took this course and it is very informative I scored 84%.


we all will generally react different to our meds as PD is such a complex condition.

Personally I would not accept a cheaper version of my main PD med our on DNA is why we all react different I was dx just 3 years ago and my PD is quite aggressive to the point I currently have to take 39 tablets per day and injections some progress slow some fast and the problem with delaying medication is where you do then start them as your condition had progressed a bit the drugs then have to work much harder.

best wishes all  BB 

is that right ? or is it more like antibiotics where taking more early , reduces the effectiveness later?

I guess it depends on the med and the person , but I've heard both views now