Dizziness without medication

Hi everyone, I'm posting on behalf of my dad who has developed symptoms of Parkinsons extremely quickly. This time last year he was fine, and by now he has lost most of the use of his left hand and arm, has really weak legs, struggles to walk and get out of chairs. The thing he finds hardest is the fact that he is constantly dizzy. Some days are worse than others. He has fallen over quite a few times because of it and can't get himself up because of the lack of mobility in his legs and left arm. He was on blood pressure medication last year and at first it was thought it was the cause for the dizziness, but he's been on no medication for over three months now and the dizziness is only getting worse. He's still having tests and such because everything's happened so fast and he's only just received a diagnosis of Parkinsonism. In the research we've done we've been unable to find any mention of people with Parkinsons as suffering from dizziness that's not caused by medication. If any of you have experience of this, we would appreciate it so much if you could share your experience. If anything my dad would be relieved to know he isn't the only one.

For the past week I have been "off balanced".  This is rather new to me, unless you count the MANY mornings that I awaken "at sea", before I even open my eyes.  But it leaves when I get up. I have a book that says dizziness, etc. is part of PD and does not mention that meds have anything to do with it!  I have had this longer, than I thought I did and I thought it in 1997.  Life goes on.


Unfortunately life isn't going on for my dad, today he didn't even manage to walk around the block without getting dizzy and his legs went weak and froze. It's getting harder and harder to convince him to even leave the house. He's fixated on the fact that he was pretty much fine six months ago and I can understand this but it's hard to snap him out of his depressive spiral. Thank you so much for replying, I'm sorry you're going through this. Thanks for mentioning the book, I've struggled to find anything that mentions PD and dizziness without it relating to meds.


dizziness is a symptom of low blood pressure which is common in PD. Has your Dad had his blood pressure checked? Was he on blood pressure meds for low or high bp?

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You posted some time ago, so hopefully your dad is feeling better.  I'm posting because my mum has symptoms very similar to your dad (I.e. Overwhelming dizziness) and her PD symptoms have developed extremely quickly.  We're at our wits' end, so would really value any advice you can give.



Hi Inconstant, 

Sorry to hear about your mum, that sounds dreadful. Have any of you been able to talk this through with a specialist or a Parkinson's nurse?  Hopefully another member will have some first hand advice for you too. 

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I personally don't have low blood pressure but did from age 11 till I got around 55-60.  The dizziness I am experiencing is nothing similar to the low blood pressure.  This is down right vertigo with the nausea.  I am on no meds except an over the counter arthritis pill occasionally (which is getting to be once a day).  I suggest that you ask your doctor if you can take Niacin (B3) in the form that won't give you a severe flush.  I got this vertigo when for months, I forgot to take my vitamin and mineral supplements that I have taken for 50 years!  Then I recalled that the Niacin could help.  I have since begun to take it regularly and have not had anymore episodes.  It will lower the blood pressure and our liver is sensitive to it so be sure to ask and have doctor check it out.  Hope this helps I am so sorry your dad has gone down hill so quickly.  One never knows with this PD devil!