Hi, new to forums so bear with.

Hubby 7 years a sufferer is having real difficulties with dizziness and falling over. Blood pressure was low in November but now on meds for that and it is ok now. But still dizziness appears. Not just when getting up, he can be stood reasonably happy in the kitchen waiting for kettle to boil (sum total of his daily chores) and for no reason gets dizzy.

Been to gps about 3 times now and they keep saying it is Parkinson’s or blood pressure. Gave him one of my vertigo tablets yesterday and he was quite a bit better. Did a check on dr google and it didn’t say avoid taking madopar or rohipinrole so presumed was ok. Getting to my wits end as we just don’t know what to do.

Any suggestions?

Hi cc14,

Welcome back to the forums! We’re sorry your husband is having these issues with dizziness. Some of our members will surely be along soon to tell you about their experiences. Until then, you may find this information about Managing Falls and Dizziness helpful. Please also feel free to contact our Helpline on 0808 800 0303 or email [email protected]. They will be happy to advise you about symptoms and treatments.

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hi - what wonderful gift you have- fighting in your hubby’s corner. I have suffered with dizziness for 25 years so be reassurede

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H( I too suffer from dizziness which always makes me fall. Every time I ask neurologist he says it is all partrt and package of having parkinsons. I just feel I am getting worse. I do hope you are keeping better.

Babsx x x

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Hi, sorry haven’t replied but as things got better didn’t come back to Parkinson’s uk! My bad I admit!

The dizziness still happens but I have got to say that increasing liquid levels really seems to make the difference. He always has a bottle of water with him or at the side of him and my regular comment is ‘drink then I want to ask you something’!

Things a bit grim today with the flu and vaccine booster but I am sure it will all settle down in a few days