I am 59 years old male diagnosed 4 years ago.

I take 3x100 madopar + 12mg ropinerole.(Dopa Ag)

 wondered if anybody gets dizzy to ?

Andy (Ojalahey)



Hi Andy

My husband takes Co-careldopa and he gets very dizzy spells but we were not sure whether it was PD or his neck he has a titanium cage in , that was causing the dizziness. Will be interested to hear whether anyone else suffers from this.


Dizzy spells have always been a part of my PD. iIt's called postural hypotension, and it kicks in when I stand up from a sitting or lying position. It is exacerbated by the hot weather, and by exercise, eg brisk walking. A blood pressure monitor at home is a good idea - my BP can go as low as  60/45, The medication I take for it is Fludrocortisone, Pyridostigmine, lots of fluids and a little extra salt in the diet. The main risks are falling during a dizzy spell, or the BP going too HIGH when lying in the fully recumbent position.

I suggest you talk to your GP/consultant about it.