Well, tomorrow morning I go for my f2f to see if I am entitled to PIP, I am very worried. I will let everyone know the outcome to see if it helps anyone else in this ridiculous position. I have been on DLA for 10 years. I am 68 this year and I have now to prove I'm disabled again.


Hey Scottiebronte - I wish you the best of luck, and I think it's  disgusting that how we with parkinsons get treated with having to grovel and beg for what I say we are entitled to. Those in the higher archy are making it harder and harder by making us feel intimated  and threatened, but we are as good as  they are if not better, they obviously have no respect for themselves in how they cause misery in all  do.

Will be pleased if you post and let us know how things go - Sheila


recently diagnosed working part time 20 hours husband semi retired works 18 hrs . We have savings would we be entitled to claim any benefits ? Please advise 

thank you 



Hi Loopylou

I would say make an appointment to see where you stand with a local disability advice service (you can find one local to you by searching 'scope' through google) or your local parkinsons support worker/advisor, via searching this site at the top, or call the helpline.

One benefit whether in work or not is called PiP or personal independence payment, i think its tax free and earning/saving arnt taken into account.

more info https://www.gov.uk/pip/overview

There may be other things you could be helped with which an appointment with an advisor can point out and its best to get any forms filled in by them.




Thank you for your response. I have been in touch with Age Concern and they are going to help me with the complicated paperwork . Will,let you know the outcome .  

I will  let you know the outcome, she said I should hear in about 4 weeks after she sends them her report. I was in the interview for about a hour,  she was a nurse, not just an office bod, for which  I was grateful, and pleasant.  So now we wait, and see if I need to appeal . I'm 68 this year for goodness sake xx


Hi scottiebronte - hope you get a good response, it looks good that the fact you had your assessment with a nurse and not an office waller! Keep up your hopes and all the best, and thanks for letting me know,  please keep me informed


Will do thanks for your interest 

Well I received the full y enhanced pip  yesterday  and managed to do a circiuit of the kitchen table in my wheely ,,,  oh   ,,,I shouldnt have said that    big  brother and  alll thatm  im  going to lash out and get a  ASTON MARTIN VIRAGE mobility  car m well your only  hear once

                                                FEDbig grincool


That is fantanstic news FED congratulations my friend



                               Thank you  Sheila, after the interogation I felt worried  and annoyed that  i  had  to  go  through all  that  never  mind,  apparently its  reviewed every  2  years  I will be   wizzing  round  the  universe  with   mum  and  dad  by  then so  i  will avoid it  and the  stupid  questions  like

  1  if you  own  two  pieces of  string  which one  is  green

2 if you are going uphill  on a  bike why   dont  you  turn  around its  much  easier and  you  will save  energy                                            ???????



Great news fed i was just reading pip post they have had 9 dx also dbs on high mobility scored 0 pip

Thanks Gus

                     I  thought  they would try and wriggle out of it for sure  but no and its at the highest rate which is in fact a cut due  to  the value of the carrot , I  have made exuberant polyextensial (USING A PARROT) INVESTIGATIOS INTO THE yolandweyland  methood of raising carrots as a yardstick, this allows  the  Yardstick to be  used for other uses such as seeing how  wide  your  yard  is and also  for  stunning  more  unstable and  badly  behaved  carrots , though I have never used the latter preferring a taser instead.. I  hope this  gives  some  insight into the  reasons for  my  highest award.

                                           Best  Wishes  FED

Sounds good hopefully they be able to see better given them a chance to get things right

Im sure they  will mate   ITS  THE PILLS YOU  KNOWeye roll