DLA v PIP and the over 65's

I hope that this is the correct forum to raise this subject.Does anybody know what fate the government have in mind for we over 65's who continue to receive DLA because we were put on the benefit before we were 65. I know it won't be pleasant. Pete
Hi Dingle,

" Aged 65 or over
If you're aged 65 or over on the day Personal Independence Payment is introduced, you'll keep getting your Disability Living Allowance. You will need to continue to meet the entitlement conditions. You'll not need to claim Personal Independence Payment."

Copied from Directgov website - hope this helps?


Thanks Mike!
What a relief!
The thought that we might lose the little help we get from DLA was very worrying.
Particularly as my husband gave away £30,000 of our savings to a prostitute during the DA/OCD years!
I just thank God we're old!
Hi Goldengirl,

As I understand it, DLA for the over 65’s is unlikely to be looked at this side of an election.

If the Tories win, it will be because they have succeeded in getting rid of the deficit, so saving money from benefits is not going to be a priority – they’ll probably have their hands full with rebellious pensioners anyway, over the unfairness of the new State Pension Scheme.

If Labour win then they will be unlikely to reduce benefits, and could even fight an election on 'increasing benefits'.

So, I think we’re safe for a few years yet.

Mike ( my glass is always ‘half full’).

Ps sorry to hear about the DA/OCD times.

I am on DLA and I am at present 67, this year 68, but because I wasn't 65 in 2013 I have to go on PIP, but my problem is will they give me PIP or will I have to have attendance allowance, I've completed all the forms 54 pages!!!. and I'm just waiting. It's so scary if I lose my dla i'm really scuppered, no car, husband is the driver, no way of transporting my electric wheelchair, why is Parkinson not a disease that is automatically seen as degenerative therefore leave us alone please,