I have recently applied for Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get a response from them ?. Thanks Caroline

Hi caroline

I filled in the forms six months ago and two months later got a reply. Not good news for me. I was told I was not disabled enough. Have taken advice since and been told I did not put the correct info down.(been to gentle on myself) Hope you have a better response than me. Good luck. I Will try again ...

best wishes PB X

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From everyone I've ever spoken to about this and have read, the default procedure is to refuse every claim first time around. So once your over the fact your government have caused you great trauma and called you a liar, get yourself off to the Citizens Advice and appeal, which is a chore in itself.

The stress will make your condition worse, they don't know that/don't care. Dont take it personally, relax, accept it is part of the process. You will get the sensation that despite winning two world wars that the nazis are in charge, but you get their eventually.

Thanks Eck, you are a real comfort :laughing:

I have received a letter today saying they were waiting for a report from my consultant so no chance of DLA then. The last person I saw was about 12, unable to make a decision about my medication and eventually tried to put me on the wrong dose, doesn't exactly inspire you with confidence.

The meds she gave me have made my pain a lot worse and i am tripping all over the place, my consultant doesn't know about that, so fat lot of good he will be.

Oh well, these things are sent to try us.



Don't be made to feel inferior in any way. Remember your consultant may be an expert on treatments (hopefully). The assessor is no expert at all. The only expert in your case is you. In your case, the only expert with any credibilty of life as a PD sufferer is you. YOU ARE THE ONLY EXPERT AT COPING WITH SYMPTOMS and the other parties should be made to realise this. Stand your ground.


Well said GINGER

Me getting it first time must have been the luck of the Irish and I got it for life, probably because they thought I would not last long. I have thank goodness.

Caroline, just keep applying and I hope you will get it sooner than later.

Radz x

I had no problems getting my DLA first time. However, I did discuss it with my information and support worker first. I found her advice invaluable.

Hi, i had my first attempt turned down. I had a social worker fill out form with me that took almost 2 hours! We paraded up and down the road to guage my walking/timing etc. I too had to wait for doc / neuro reports and hadn't seen my doc since he first sent me for tests and had only seen neuro once since dx. I got the impression you need to be the walking dead to get on lower rate. My social worker has since said they don't count how many times you apply? I have recently heard of somebody getting it because she needs somebody to go to shops with her (unrelated to pd) as she suffers with panic attacks. I think the fear of going out sometimes especially un-medicated would put the fear of god into anyone with pd. :fearful:Just a thought!


Its definitely about filling in that form as if your worst day and if not too much trouble using Citizens Advice Bureaux or someone who has done a lot of this before, age concern, social worker etc etc

My h got it first time and for life, but not because of parkinsons , because he became a registered blind person and everyone thinks they understand that this means you cant see anything at all, this is not true, most blind people see something but its the ignorance working for the blind person rather than against as with parkinsons , is the assumption you;re ok just a bit slow? something like that.

Yes really lay it on thick if you end up at any interview with anyone and that should help love sunray

ps and if you get a refusal, use you're right to challenge the decision and use one of the agencies to challenge for you sun