Do I disappear?

Since my diagnosis I have viewed the world and my body through the distortion of Parkinson’s glasses; everything I see is in relation to the list of Parkinson’s symptoms. Movement is already assumed to be slow movement, tiredness is Parkinson’s tiredness, tremor is always there, my future is fixed etc. I have become abnormal.

Does the view through the glasses tell the whole truth of me? If I remove my Parkinson’s glasses do I disappear? Before my diagnosis and the installation of my new point of view I was suffering from Parkinson’s but I was still able to be me. My diagnosis changed nothing except putting on my Parkinson’s glasses; my symptoms did not get worse. There is something left of me when I take off my glasses and see myself from a different angle; Parkinson’s is not the whole of me.

I am a normal person dealing with abnormal circumstances…

dr jonny

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I decided not to analyse every twinge and twitch and become completely absorbed by my condition. It is too easy to become the person we all hate,the one who constantly moans about their aches and pains and is avoided like the plague.

I prefer to focus on the normal aspects of me rather than dwell on the pain,dizziness, tremor and, of course, cramp!!

I have never once moaned to work colleagues about how I'm feeling and rarely tell my husband. He worries about me enough already!!

I have accepted the PD as part of me, what's to analyse? It's there but so am I, and I am far more interesting.

Very true Caroline..... but

if we don't talk about it people don't know about it
if people don't know about it, politicians can forget it
if politicians forget it then no money is spent on it
if no money is spent then there is no PD nurse, no improvement in treatments.........