Do they really want a cure?

A patient cured is a customer lost!
Just something that someone said that got me thinking.
If cancer, alzheimers, Parkinsons et Al could be cured. How much money would the pharmaceutical companies lose?
Does it suit them to keep us buying their products?

100% agree, to much money involved with the big Pharma hooking us all on their poison. I have always thought that. No commercial sense.

They would screw the NHS if they came close to finding something that works though. It wouldn’t be available to everyone, another post code lottery…

it wouldn’t surprise me in the least but having said that, micheal j fox foundation have poured serious money into research and haven’t managed to crack it. I just have a feeling that it is something fundamental that we are missing and we are perhaps looking too deeply for answers that are there for all to see. if we only knew where to look.

Fortunately a cure is not just in the hands of big pharma. Don’t lose the faith!

I agree. I suspect that, because each person’s symptoms are different, the answer will come by examining meta data across the whole Parkin population to establish common e lements. A partial study along those lines is already being done in the USA.
My approach is to treat the gut problems that almost every victim seems to encounter as being much of the cause of PD rather than a symptom of it. On that basis, rather than take medication to assuage constipation and/or diahrrea, I have adopted the Auto Immune Paleo diet. This is working well for me. After 4 weeks my digestive system started to behave normally. I have Been on it for 3 months now and feel 100% better for it. I. Have stopped losing weight and am full of energy. It would be unrealistic to expect this to turn out as the cure. But I am very hopeful that it could stop further development of the disease. John

Money in America Donated to elections. Pharmaceutical companies donate a very large sum of the green paper. In our country we pay more for meds than most of the rest of the world. But, from observing how very different Parkinson’s effect others (Age, different symptoms, how fast it progresses, and even genetics) Seems kinda like a broken leg. You break your leg different ways and all with a broken leg are put in the same kinda cast.
So the cure for one person who has parkinson’s might not cure another.

The answers for fining cures take allot of money. So the best answer may be. What will make more money. The money you pay to be cured. Or the drugs we pay to keep us alive until we pass away. My best guess is the drugs. Once we are cured and the bill is payed for. The companies can,t collect anymore. Tom PWP and paying probably till I see the roots of flowers!

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Correct. No money in a cure. Keep us taking the medicine and making big profits.