Do things

Whether it’s listening and relaxing to music,
or singing,
or dancing,
or knitting,
or going for walks,
our favourite activities help us live life to the full.

What’s the thing that you do?


Don't  stop doing anything you already do, it might take longer but oh the sense of achievement when completed is brilliant.  

Must dash off out to meet friends for coffee, chat and a really  good laugh! 

Bye  for now  x

In my worst off times, I can't do anything. That is hell - sitting and  waiting for life to return.

When it does return, I am BUSY!

knit, sew, write, read, paint, draw, crochet, bake, entertain, exercise, sing, sudoku, crossword; codeword,


Continue with your old hobbies and pastimes and (just as important) try new ones. Old Parky is always on the lookout for victims to torment. Don't give him the opportunity. Keep busy!

Set yourself goals to accomplish anything no matter how small they appear. Every achievement has equal value. Don't dwell on what you used to be able to do as you have had the opportunity to do and experience them and if you are able to do more things try them if attainable. We all face similar a very similar outcome and there are going to be two versions of remember when and I know which one I want to be.

Don't look to shake the world look to shake your own.


I've recently started playing Crown Green Bowling.....don't laugh. I love it. And I go to an Art group every Monday morning, although there's more talking and laughter, than producing masterpieces! We all do our own teacher involved. In September, I'm going to join Singing for Fun. There's loads of things going on if you join your local U3A .......but you do have to be over 60. Joined the local swimming/gym club at the weekend too, in a lovely spa hotel. Started Pilates a crew months ago, but it clashes with one of my CG Bowling days. Also, have a lovely Swedish back massage once a fortnight. Sometimes, there just aren't enough days in the week!!


.......a few months ago.......(sorry)!

Good going Twinks and would never laugh or make innuendo remarks about CGB but there is a film called BlaackBalled about the edgier side of it. Hope you resolve the clash of times with CGB and Pilates just a shame one couldn't be more flexible, sorry. Keep going Twinks and hopefully may encourage some one to follow your lead. Have a great and busy week and may it be as good as possible for everyone.


Limitations are opportunities to try something else.

How to improve Brain Activity. Navigate forum without back arrow clicking or swearing.

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Hi @mrjohnnyparky,

I hope all is well.

Apologies if the forum has been a little taxing on the brain - that certainly wasn’t our intention.

Do let me know exactly what you’re struggling with and I’ll be happy to help you.

Best wishes,

Hi Reah and thank you for reply and concern. My post was supposed to be a humorous view about the changes and getting used to them. I have gotten used to it and not once found it Taxing to my Brain, just annoying at times getting used to it. Thank you for your offer of help and will certainly seek your advice if I have any issues.

Best regards

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Hi Mrjohnnyparky,

No problem at all - I’m just sad I missed a humorous moment! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’ve adapted well to the new changes.

Best wishes,

Hi Reah, :grinning: and i’m just sad I never created one :slightly_smiling_face: Perhaps I should try harder or maybe not.

My best wishes and hoping you have a great wkend ahead :wink:

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Hi I have excepted that i can’t do some things like i once could like having hydro therapy sessions an when we had 5 mins at the end to do what we wanted i thought i’ll just have a little swim to which i kicked off from the side of the pool a just slowly sank good job i could stand up in water. I have now changed the way i think instead of putting pressure on myself by writing lists of things going to do that day which if having bad day would fail to do I wake up each day feeling glad i’m still here… then see what the day brings an always try to be happy. I’ve struggled last year and lost myself a bit one of reasons was i lost my 98yr old nana( not in the shop ) haha. my nana was a massive part of my life. an always there even towards the end when she had dementia, an wasn’t sure who i was she greeted me with a smile and arms open wide an said i know your one of us… Even though started the year off with more challenges and struggles i feel life is for living an making the best of what we got… I also want make the most of family times with those special people in my life… I don’t have time for anyone wanting to make things difficult or causing bad feeling or harbouring a grudge. Just have say sort it out an if possible an move on…Anyway it sounds or looks like i don’t pause for breath, but don’t know how to leave a full line space in between… P.s If any of my family get on here they would say i do like a good waffle… ME!!! Haha.

Hi Ollyboo, like your attitude with best of what we’ve got and do enjoy reading your posts you can read the vibrancy about them. I also love music and find it a great boost to lift spirits or give a push with physical stuff. I enjoy most genres and like to play it loud(ish) and sing so out of tune even cats attack me. I’m sorry to hear about the recent loss of your Nana but sounds like she left you with great memories. My wife likes a good waffle but I’m more a toast man actually but do enjoy a good type.

Best wishes and take care

By ollyboo ,I loved your mail , very inspiring and encouraging , you ha?ve to keep on doing no matter how little , it’s difficult at times , but being positive as much as possible , there is always another day , I make bird boxes , most days , I started when the council left some offcuts from the gutter repairs , what a waste , I looked at it and thought I can do something with that , on Pinterest there is a mass of pictures , so I started copying them , after fixing my shed up with the electrics etc, I’m now on my eighth box , I decorate them and they look real nice , as well keeping me busy it makes others happy when they receive them , at no cost of course , so I can recommend being positive and mind occupied it certainly works for me and my friend Parkie , God bless you all , Ray