Do you have a Parkinson's Mantra?

Hello all
I was reading some replies this morning and as I was reading I realised that many of us use a few words to sum up our attitude to Parkinson’s. My own, if you have read some of my posts will be familiar to you and to these I add a few I picked up today. I personally find it quite uplifting that others share my view that Parkinson’s can be challenged and simple words like this can be real motivators, so I love reading these sorts of things that crop up naturally on the forum. However I also think that if someone, even one person, picks up on the right words for them, you could be giving someone the wonderful gift of starting to see their Parkinson’s in a different way and help them live better with Parkinson’s - and before anyone suggests that is over simplifying or naive, I am only too well aware that as things stand at the moment Parkinson’s will eventually catch up with us all; however I have no intention of sitting idly by and waiting for that to happen and if a few positive statements help even one person manage their Parkinson’s better is that not worth at least trying? So I would like to invite anyone to add their own mantra to this post and perhaps between us we will have managed to help both ourselves and others live better with Parkinson’s. Over to you.
PS With thanks to those I quoted today - I hope you didn’t mind lol

I have Parkinson’s it doesn’t have me (Tot)
I don’t give it star billing. I am Tot first and I happen to
have Parkinson’s (Tot)
Parky can go and whistle and I will do it my way
So we’ve got to keep having a go (Hemyock)
I’m not letting this beat me yet (Peterb1951)


Ah mr parky the uninvited guest. Not that I need to but just in case; the m and the p in lower case are deliberate and my wife and I agreed nearly 10 years ago that parky must be a man to come along and deliberate set out to be such a … (you can all fill in the blanks for yourselves).

As for a Mantra we / I have several;

  1. I am happy because it’s good for my health
  2. Smile as it will confuse the enemy
  3. Today is today and live for today because tomorrow is not today.

I have luminous coloured spokes on my wheelchair, I have a back pack covered in smiley emoji, I wear bright colours as it makes me smile. Even on the worse days we can always find something that was good or was an achievement.
Life is for living and yes, I have like so many others have been dealt a crappy hand in cards but I can’t change that.

Keep on smiling :sunglasses:


Brilliant I particularly like No 2 and No 3 matches my own this 24 hours is a once only - there are no repeats


Parkinson’s will never beat me. Ive had it 9yrs and keep going. I’ve still not got a Parkinson’s nurse, still waiting but i manage keep walking every day regardless of the weather. Onwards and up

Hate the Parkinsons not the victim

NYStateofHealth@Tot ,
While there isn’t one official “Parkinson’s Mantra,” the ones you shared are all great examples of empowering affirmations people with Parkinson’s can use.
The mantras emphasize taking charge and living life on your terms, despite Parkinson’s.
They use optimistic language to promote a can-do spirit. These mantras showcase different approaches, highlighting that what works for one person might be different for another.