Do you have experience of advanced Parkinson’s?

We are looking for people to share their experiences of advanced Parkinson’s for an article in the winter edition of The Parkinson. If you are a person with advanced Parkinson’s or a carer for someone in the later stages of the condition, we want to hear from you about the challenges you have faced and any advice you have for others in a similar position.

If you’d like to share your story, please let me know via this thread or send an email to [email protected]


Yes I  can  help


Hi Rhianna, I'm a carer to my mum who has had PD for around 18 years. It's hard to say if she's in the advanced stage but she does need someone with her pretty much most of the day and I'd say the biggest issue is mental health/non motor related. The nurse refers to her stage as the complex stage. Anyway happy to share experience with you. 


thanks, Deborah

Hello Rhianna, I'm the carer for my wife who has had well managed parkinsons for years  but after breaking her hip it earlier this year it has rapidly developed into what the nurse calls end stage parkinsons. Happy to help in anyway I can.