Do you live in Newcastle or Manchester?Work capability assessments - we need your views

Parkinson’s UK has had input into a government project which could make some changes to the “fitness to work” tests also known as the “work capability assessment”.
This is the test people go through if they apply for the sickness benefit Employment and Support Allowance and is operated by Atos healthcare.
We and other charities have suggested changes to these government assessments. The government has agreed to test our ideas with claimants coming in for their work capability assessment at two Atos venues: one in Manchester (Bridge Street) and Newcastle upon Tyne (Regent Farm Road).
People attending assessments at these two venues will be asked if they would like to volunteer to stay on as part of the study and be asked some of our questions.
If you have a work capability assessment in the coming weeks in either of the centres in Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne we would love to hear from you as it might be possible for you to help with this study and get much needed improvements to these assessments.
Contact Donna O’Brien, Parkinson’s UK [email protected] or tel: 020 7963 9307 for more information.

Thank you.

Press/Policy Assistant