Do you rest on your bad side?

Quite often with Parkinson’s, one half of the body is affected first by the disabling symptoms; like muscular tension and or an inability to relax a specific muscle, tendonitis, tremor, involuntary spasm, jolting or jerking of a limb, etc.

In and through research projects, Destructive Pulse Syndrome… and the Bocowo A&B trials and effects, that are indicating and highlighting interesting observations in certain problematic areas, , I would be very interested to gain a broader picture of information from others; to hopefully enable a better overall understanding of ‘the mechanisms at work.’

Personally, naturally left handed (and for as long as I can remember) I predominately always lay upon my right hand side to sleep, which incidentally is historically my most bruised side and where the first Parkinson’s symptoms appeared.

Which side of your body is most affected by your Parkinson’s?

Which side of your body has suffered the more knocks, bruising or surgery?

When trying to sleep, do you instinctively lay on your good (less affected) or your bad (most affected) side?
Have you always predominately relaxed upon that side?

Are you naturally Right hand or Left hand dominant?

And finally, like me, were you encouraged to develop a bad habitual practice, in the with holding of bodily waste (urine & stool) to wait until a more convenient time, effectively Exercising or (reluctantly having numbed previous urges ended up) resting whilst fully loaded with toxins!

Many thanks for your assistance.