Do you want to chat with other people with YOPD?

A few of us of this forum have decided to have a group zoom call so we can chat as a way of getting some support from each other. This is not run by Parkinson’s UK, and we’re all people diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Drop me a message and I will send you the meeting ID and pass code.
Let me know if you need any help with zoom.


I’d be interested in joining a discussion group.
I am a co-founder of a weekend residential programme for active and working-age pwp and their partners called Fighting Fit (
I am also a Trustee of Parkinson’s UK and would be interested to know what needs this group has.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Peter Miller

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Thanks for the interest/support. Looking forward to attending one of your courses post lockdown.

For the moment it’s just an opportunity for people with YOPD to chat with people going through similar challenges. It’s tough with all the restrictions going on to meet up so zoom is the next best thing.

I just attended Parkinson’s UK First Steps course and it was brilliant.

Is this still happening? Id like to join

Yes on Thu 5 Jan 8pm we (me and @AnaElsa) are trying to restart these Zoom sessions. Message either of us for the connection link.