Doctors don't know if this is YOPD

I could write a novel but I’ll try to be brief as I can.

3 years ago I started getting twitches all over my body, some jerks.
It went away after about 6 months about 99%
2 years ago I started feeling off-center/dizzy-like
8 months ago my gait felt weird, joint pain in my right hand, nerve-like weakness in my right arm/hand and right leg/foot, and cramp-like feeling in the meaty parts of my right hand and right foot.
Severe brain fog the past year as well. I feel slower, and have derealization-like feelings all the time.

My life is seriously put on hold. I can’t work, etc. I’ve seen many doctors… they don’t know. I also live abroad in a country I don’t speak the language so I try to get information first before appointments so I have some information.

I read that YOPD usually has many of these, but is it common to start out like this? I only have a tremor if I do a sit-up for example, and it’s more of a jerk on the way down.

Are these common for people with YOPD?

Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome, @yopdidontknow. It must be very difficult to not know what’s going on. I do hope that our friendly forum members will jump in soon with some personal experiences to share with you.

One of the biggest challenges with Young Onset Parkinson’s, besides the usual symptoms, is the timing. This is happening at a time when you may have peaked in your career, have children at home, or be taking care of ageing parents. It all amounts to a lot of stress and confusion, and questions about how you can focus on your own health.

I’d encourage you to go to this page to learn more. The podcasts may be particularly interesting. We also have a helpline where you speak to one of our advisers for any concerns and to get some support. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303.

Take care and I hope that you will soon have some answers,
Forum Moderation Team

Thank you. I’m listening to the Sound Clouds on the link you gave me!