Two weeks ago I saw my neurologist. He told me that my PD is advancing and that I also have Functional Movement Disorder. I am guessing that this is just part of PD. Anyway he told me that he is upping my medication and has put me on Madopar and Mirtazapine. He told me to collect the prescription from my doctors in a weeks time. Naturally this is far too easily. I went to my doctors surgery to collect my prescription and was told that is wasn’t their and to contact my neurologist. Four days later I went back to my doctors to be told that my doctor will not prescribe the medication and I have to contact my neurologist again. They have just told me that if my doctor will not prescribe my meds I will have to collect them from my neurologist, who is about fifteen to twenty miles away and I no longer drive. Why is nothing straight forward? Its hard enough living with PD without my own doctors making it harder. Has anyone got any ideas what is so bad about these two drugs that my doctor refuses to prescribe them. I would ask my doctor but of course, he is on holiday until the middle of December.

Hi Jeffino,

It’s more than likely the reason is your GP will not be authorised to prescribe the drugs in question. What I have done since my diagnosis is insist on seeing the same GP everytime I visit. It was one of my gripes prediagnosis that my PD could have been spotted sooner if I’d have the same continuity that I have now.

Since diagnosis I have established a great relationship with my GP, he knows me inside out without having to tread through countless notes. So instances such as yours he would normally prescribe based on what I debrief him on from my neurologist or parkinson’s nurse appointment. I have also managed to establish an email communication channel via my Parkinson’s nurse so if there is a problem she can confirm things via email to the GP surgery.

The whole system seems to work pretty well in terms of providing my support network but I think GP continuity is the key.

hope my twopence worth helps.

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Hi Jeffino When I was first prescribed my meds my consultant wrote it dow!n on a piece of paper then I handed it to my GP surgery He was. then happy to! Prescribe them. Has you’re consultant contacted your GP if not it might be worth asking him to . All! the best

I thought that the protocol was always that the doctor or Parkinson’s nurse had to write to the GP to tell them to prescribe? Maybe there’s a delay in the letter being sent, my friend’s PD nurse’s letters have a 3 week delay in typing. I don’t see how they can expect you to travel such a distance every 4 weeks, nor that the neurologist would be able to do it. Hospital pharmacies don’t seem to dispense for outpatients any more. I hope you get it sorted, that’s a terrible situation to be left in.