Does animals make you feel more relaxed

hi,does animals make you feel more does with me,i have too little dogs,too love birds,and a cat.all of them are lovleing ,when i feel poorley and im stook in bed,my dogs and cat lay with me,they are so efeshernet.they make me feel more relaxed when one of them sitting on me lap,and im strocking them.does animals,/pets make you feel relaxed and loved?:smile:
I'm sure I remember reading about this somewhere, some research that showed that stroking an animal lowers a person's blood pressure. I don't have a pet now because I'm frightened of the way they come pushing round your feet and my balance can be a problem. Yours sound lovely. I had a cat once who could always tell when I was in pain (with a slipped disc at that time)
Hi Alij,

I am very sure that dogs are in tune with how you are feeling as mine always come to sit near me when I am a little down. They also come and lie down by my bed when I have to rest my back. I have also read that they help older people cope with loneness and lower blood pressure. I take mine to the nursing home where my husband is and all the people there love to stroke her of course many hospice's and other nursing home have pat dogs visiting. Both my mum and aunt have enjoyed many happy hours with their dogs even at the age of 86+ years so there must some something in it.
best wishes
You're absolutely right Ali. It has been shown that pets (dogs and cats in particular) make one feel more relaxed and indeed lower blood pressure. I have heard about "pat dogs" and what a great job they do. Animals take you at face value and do not sit in judgement. To them everyone is equal.