Does anybody else get leg pain?

Wondered if anybody else gets this, also a weakness in the legs


I'm on madopar 125g x 3 daily  andDAgonist ropinrole


and find walking very hard work



hi andy , yes i am in constant pain ,legs mainly . some days worse than others .a change in meds sometimes help but i have learnt to live with it .i did see my gp in case there was other reasons for the pain i think we tend to blame every pain on parkinsons so it is always good to check,     if you have a sympathetic doctor .



I get pain and weakness in my legs and also in my leg joints, my neuro said i have proximal weakness in my legs and arms, i also feel unsteady on them and when walking it is hard work. i liken it too the movement of skiing.

but. i'm not on meds you are.