Does anybody leg pain?

Sorry but the previous POST should have had a full description in it ... but it hasn't updated so I will do it again.

I want to know if other people get lower leg pain below the knee like I do combined with numb toes .  Seems to be brought on by either  social stress where I am trying to make conversation without Parkinsons being too obvious(Ie: shaking) ,   by  work stress (I work on a laptop 2 days per week) and by physical stress (eg: painting and decorating).    wHEn it happens I cannot stand or walk much and all I want to do is lie down in  a quiet room ,  sometimes I will sit down but the shaking is exacerbated by the leg-pain and thats hard too.

Its like a vicious circle with the stress triggering the leg pain which exacersbates shaking combined with a sense of being 'Off' which in turn triggers more leg-pain and so on .

Does anybody else get this lower-leg-pain OR does anybody NOT get it at all ?

Andy (ojalahey)

Yep, upper leg, lower leg, toes... the lot! When I'm sitting at a computer (as I am now), sometimes my legs just ache but often they also twist around the chair leg or I'm constantly crossing and uncrossing my legs - I only realise when the aches/pain get so bad I have to stop working and untangle myself. 

If I'm particularly stressed, the toes of my right foot curl. If I have a day of stress, my toes will hurt from being curled up all day.

Hi ,

Yes , I can relate to each of you having leg pain ,but mine is more like an ache , My knee hurts too causing stiffness if I have been sitting .I think my leg ( just my right leg) and the rest of me , aches through the constant movement and battle to control it . When I stand ,can happen anywhere , I look like I'm dancing some sort of Irish Jig . If I sit I find myself crossing and uncrossing my legs . I can sometimes get relief by holding 'the leg in question ' straight up in the air . Not very lady like I know , but hell  who cares if it makes me feel better . Not recommended if you are in your local pub though .  


I get leg pain, some of it is i think old injurys such as dislocating my knee on a couple of occasions and a sprained ankle where the joint tendons haven't healed properly amplified perhaps by parkinsons it is an constant ache ,

 After activity such as a good walk i do sometimes get cramp like pains And that ache especially in the evenings reaching my limits of dopamine perhaps and also numbness across my feet and toes in the mornings i suppose this is a overnight thing where my feet have tensed up during the night.

I find putting a pillow between my legs does give me some respite from the Pain.

If I kneel on my left knee I've suddenly started getting the most violent shooting pais n and from it. Surprisingly this is my left knee, when all my other symptoms are right-sided


Thanks for all your responses.

I get the feeling leg-pain isn't very well unnderstood amongst the Parkinsons Neuros and Nurses and consequently there isnt much they offer for this symptom.  It keeps me awake at night quite often.. I get releif by stretching toes back n forth, pulling my leg up to my chin and the stretching it out down the bed a few time s. If that fails I take a pain-killer and/or use my mechanical lower-leg massage machine.  If still hurting I might try to distract by listening to the radio (world service) or a cd story etc: the point being thst there is a danger of over-focussing on it.   That usually sorts me out but on the cases where it persists I get up and move about a little do exercises watch telly etc: and that seems to help normally.  

If  I get it during the day I might lie down for a bit or use the massage machine /painkiller options.  Oddly I sometimes find that a gentle walk with sticks can help... it's like movement helps when u have been sat still for a while.  Dancing can be good too tho not recommended if u are at the bus-stop. ( I'll look out for Chrissie doing her 'Irish-jig'  down the pub!!)  As Chrissie says some aches might be explained due to the near-constant motion we experience in that our bodies get stressed from it so anything that can allow you to shake /move less is a help.  If I have 'still '  patches they help in this way .

 Will also try Sea-angler's pillow between the legs whcih sounds useful (tho again not down the pub)


Andy (Ojalahey)




You talk about leg pain followed by shaking.I use to get dystonia alot before I went on C/L.That was like a very painful cramp in my foot or leg that would linger.Now I get painful twitches alot in my legs but can be anywhere.This usally folows arm jerks or shaking.Maybe you have the same.I posted a video of mine under involuntary movements here.tTake a look ,Id be interested if they are like mine,LOl

My doctor says mine are one of a kind but I have found a quit a few here who mention simular exeriences.It seems I can delay the jerkingby keeping occupied like reading or riving.

Take care all


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Yes, lower leg pain. Heat helps a bit as it feel almost like I’m cold. It stops me going out for walks, which I need. I try to do everything in the morning before it sets in. I feel as though my life is on hold. I’m 7 years on from a diagnostician