Does anyone have experience/ insights with brain surgery?

My mum's Parkinson's nurse brought this subject up.  I haven't had a chance to speak to my parents properly about it yet but just wondered, has anyone gone through this or do you have family members who have?



Hi there, I've quite recently had DBS. If you're interested I've written a blog which covers my experiences from my initial assessment up to the present day. The blog can be found at under the heading, DBS assessment. My experience at Southmead Hospital.

Hope this is helpful :-)

Do you have to become a member to watch it .

Hi Gus, I didn't realise so but yes you do have to register to read the blogs. There isn't any video only my written account of my experience. :-)

Ok did you have your opp all in one day it's my 5yr assessment this Monday at southmead what nurse did you have mine was Caroline and dr alan whone prof Steven gill all great there like my second home hope it all goes well for you like it has for me

If you are on Facebook there is a page in there my daughter has set up called The Parkinson's Project,it is about her dad's PD he also had DBS 2yrs ago and is being assessed for further surgery!

He talks about this on the page if you're interested. 

i have dbs ,could you tell me what further surgery your dads having

Hi, it's actually my husband that has PD, it is my daughter that set up the page.

He had DBS 2 yrs ago to help control his tremor, but his other symptoms, mobility, speech etc are now particularly bad so they are doing DBS for this. 


HI, I had dbs about 20 months ago and am getting along really well. If your husband is offered it I would definitely go for it. Its improved my quality of life no end.