Does anyone here garden?

John C,

Welcome to the forum.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, the Q&A later this week will be with an occupational therapist.

Maybe it might be worth asking her about tools or adjustments that you can use to help with the heavier work.


Gardening is great therapy. Lazy summer days just pottering about. It's nice to get up really early to catch the dawn chorus. I like visiting gardens too. A great place to see snowdrops is Hodsock Priory near Blyth in north Nottinghamshire. Dimminsdale in Leicestershire is good too.

Before dx I had no interest at all in gardening. Now - I love it! Really enjoy growing my own veg and cooking with it - never thought I would see the day lol. Lovely place for snowdrops is East Carlton Park near corby.

Hi all,
As promised, the Q&A on gardening is now live.

We've invited:

• celebrity gardener Angus Thompson to answer your gardening questions

• occupational therapist, Clare Johnson to answer any questions on adjustments you can use to make gardening easier.

You can submit your question now:

Angus and Clare will answer your questions live between 11-12 on 27 February.