Does anyone here garden?

I've heard a few mentions of gardening on the forum and I know that one or two members have even discussed having gardening-related businesses.

Does anyone here garden? Or did you in the past?
:grin:my wife , who is also my carer , is a very keen gardener
My husband has Parkinsons and the garden helps enormously.Because we are retired there is no hurry to get things done, sometimes , mostly, he knows when to stop, and it is so lovely to sit and look, while having a cuppa and a slice of cake.He says that while he is concentrating on the garden, he is not thinking about his tremor so much. Most of all, he enjoys it. From my point of view, when we do have a sunny day in the garden, both of us feel that it lifts our spirits.
At the back of my mind, I worry about how we will cope later, as I have health problems, but for now, we enjoy our garden.
Ive been dx 3 years and i still love to do my garden Chris46
The National Open Gardens Scheme is sponsoring Parkinsons UK this year.

Look out for Snowdrop etc days coming up just about now.
That’s right, Eileenpatricia! The news story was on the homepage of the website earlier this week. You can see it here:

As we said there, we’re really excited about the partnership, not only because it’s raising around £100,000 for Parkinson’s UK but also because we know that many in our wider community get huge benefits from gardening. So, we want to make the most of this opportunity.

We don’t have any snowdrop days coming up (though I’d be curious to hear more about the idea). But we are doing a live Q&A on this website later in the month with a gardener and an occupational therapist. We’ll post more about that soon.
That sounds interesting, will look forward to that.
I love gardening and miss the large garden I had at my previous house. I now have a small patch outside my apartment. My husband used to love his greenhouse and was very keen on chrysanthemums as well as the usual tomatoes, beans, courgettes, etc. The nursing home he is in now has a greenhouse. The activities organiser looks after it and gets the residents involved. I am hoping my husband will be fit enough to help out in the summer.

Will look forward to the Q & A session.:grin:
Thanks, that's great news that you're looking forward to it. There seemed to be interest on Facebook as well. We'll definitely post with more information about the Q&A next week.

Is there anybody who writes poetry about their garden?? Pop over to Creative Corner and see!!

Hello there.
I love gardening. I have quite a large patch. I still manage to mow the lawn with a motor mower. It takes a while to start it as it is a pullstart. The only problem is that I now find I cannot bend and have to have help doing hat. I have a light weight Rotavator which I manage to use but I have to watch where I put my feet to steady myself. My oh is now my apprentice gardener and sows the seeds for me. She says that she enjoys it. I hope to keep gardening as long as I can. It is a good healthy way of fighting this black hearted disease. Mind you, with the weather we have experienced lately, if I attempted to get on the garden, I would need a lifeline and lifebelt. They do say that summer is coming but they forgot to say when.
Happy gardening to all you gardeners out there
I love gardening, I and my other half have an allotment. I grow a wide variety of plants in our garden, including carnivorous plants. This time of year is so exciting, the garden is waking up and each day I can go to see what is starting to grow.

I grow organically and it's great being able to grow veg on our allotment, although we are far from self sufficient. I am just about to get my electric propagator going to start off tomatoes as well as more unusual plants like castor oil plants.

I do a bit for other people and have advertised in paper for work . Makes me feel much better and gives all important motivation and purpose but people dont always understand if mov
ement drops off .not sure i would if boot was on other foot
I derive great pleasure from diggin my potatoes.
Hi Ezinda

The first open garden days of the National Garden Scheme are usually to see the snowdrops. Anglesey Abbey country park in Cambs has a noted snowdrop day. Usually at the end of February, me and my friends always regard the snowdrop open days as a turning point in the calendar even if the bad weather may not have finished. I'm still waiting after several years for my own snowdrops to thicken into impressive clumps.
i've spent 2 hours today mowing and strimming - ache all over!
My o/h and I grow our own organic veggies and have a little fishpond which is relaxing. Hubbie gardens for a living so is fit and able to do the heavy work while i potter doing the fiddly bits. Apart from eating the veggies I find gardening reminds me of the rhythms of the seasons etc which is kind of therapeutic; remembering that the winter has a purpose for living things; its not just hostile; its when caterpillars turn into butterflies, and brussel sprouts are horrid till they've had a frost..........
I dont write poetry but I do take photos.
i love me gardern.but carnt do wot i used to be able have to relie on family to help.i used to have a allotment ages ago,but it got far to much hard work for me.i love making me own hanging baskets though.thats one job no one will take off me:smile:
yes and i find it very enjoyable.unfortunately i can't do the "heavy" work that I used to. however my wife is also very keen on the garden, and is knowledgeable about plants etc.
the lawn is a big issue as i find cn't really manage the lawnmower very well due to the Parkinson's movement issue which is my biggest problem.
I’m really pleasantly surprised that there is so much gardening interest on the forum. It’s also great to know that there’s a lot to enjoy even at this time of year.

Eileenpatricia, thanks for the mention of the snowdrops and Anglesey Abbey:

I’ve found a garden closer to home (for me) that opens quite early in the year—Pembury House:

Since you’re all way ahead of me, we’ve set up a Flickr group for people to share pictures of their gardens, garden visits and anything gardening-related throughout the year. We thought this would be a fun idea.

So far, it’s only got pictures of the digital team’s efforts at sunflowers. But if you like to take pictures and want to share some, please do join:

Though I love being outside, I don’t have a garden at home but I do have a square under my window that is regularly battered by strong winds and salty air. After several years of failed efforts, we found that some lamparanthus brought back from Cornwall last year manages to survive and even thrive there. I’ll post some pictures of my beloved lamparanthus shortly.

The Q&A I mentioned will open for questions this week. I’ll post on this thread later in the week to let you know more.

Thanks everyone!