Does anyone use an electric massage chair or pad?

My shoulders and back ache a lot and I am considering buying a massage chair or pad.  However, some are very expensive.  Has anyone any experience of these gadgets and have they any recommendations?


i had a lot of massage gadgets ,ie neck heat massager ,tens,massage chair gave some relief but only for a small amount of time ! My back injections are the best & good osteopath for neck & shoulders

Hi Peter,

I have a massage chair and use it from time to time. It doesn't give long lasting results as Gus says. I go to a chiropractor every 3 months for maintenance! She also sticks needles in my lower spine and shoulders....helps a lot. Plus the neuro physiotherapist  gave me back exercises to do. I tend to do these before I get out of bed in a morning, as I find doing them on the floor too painful. Have you seen a physiotherapist?

I'm constantly correcting my posture as I find myself leaning forward too much and stooping, when doing stuff. All this causes the back pain, but 10 mins. rest, every so often, usually helps. Is your pain constant, or comes on when you've been doing a lot? I do hope you get some relief soon.


The neuro physiotherapist gave me back physical games to do. I have a tendency to do those before I get away from bed in a morning so, you should to find the massage chair, as I locate doing them at the floor too painful.