Does COVID cause Parkinsons? Is it herediatry?

Hello everyone. My father had Parkinsons, he was diagnosed in his late 70’s and I am worried I will be diagnosed too, I am 49. Also, the other day my husband mentioned he’d read that COVID can cause Parkinsons? I am so worried… I have terrible health anxiety anyway since my Mum died a few years ago, and this is really overwhelming.

Hello Vikki,
The causes of Parkinson’s are not known at this time. There are several theories, and there are groups of researchers investigating all of them. You can find news on this research on our website, where we recommend you look first, and we do encourage you to be careful where you get your information. As for Covid, please have a look at this section of the website: Parkinson's and coronavirus (COVID-19). We also have a helpline which is free and confidential and you can reach them on 0808 800 0303.
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Hello vikki_h … Neither my parents nor Grandparents nor siblings nor any relation has had Parkinson’s but I do have Parkinson’s. So IMHO Parkinson’s is not hereditary. Just bad luck I think. It is the way the cards fall.

No point in worrying it does not do any good.

Best of luck.

The latest movers and shakers podcast deals with the genetic aspects of the disease.

Parkinsons has been around for many many years before Covid appeared

This is an interesting topic something I feel caused my PD, as I had Covid March 2020 tremor started April 2020.

Studies are only started to come out now showing that Covid can trigger PD, so I might have got it earlier than I should, I still believe there’s more to it, research isn’t the best with PD, we can’t even find the cause.