Does Watching Real Live Ghosts On U Tube Up Dopa Levels

Iknow this sounds a bit far fetched but for a hour since watching ghost docs on u
tube i become freer and hour ago i would taking ages to write this ..Had to relate this because i find it fascinating ..Never had a boost like it. i will come back later to let you how the effects are:question::fearful::grin:
So what happened, Robfen?
Every thing is back to normal levels but i assure everybody i had best boost since first going on meds over 4 yrs ago..It was nice break from usual way i feel.
I watch football which i find tense but this was different feeling and seemed to up my dopa levels in way its never happened before ...I would like to see if it works on other people and wether if it can be used in the research field:grin:
I haven't checked this out yet, but I intend to.

Have you done it again lately, Robfen?
I have yet to see ghosts, but a few years ago I went to London with a couple of friends to see my favourite band, Tower of Power.
It wasn't until we were driving home up the M1 that it dawned on me that I hadn't taken any medication all day.
Maybe the adrenaline and excitement of seeing the band had sufficed ?
I had a similar experience when I went to see Steely Dan at Birmingham NEC later on in the year.

If we could "tap" into the excitement / adrenaline or whatever, maybe there's a solution.


Hi Rob,

I think I tend to agree with Rhino, When we are on a high about anything then you do tend to forget our problems, even if it is short lived….. Maybe you should carry a picture of "Demmi More" in your wallet Rob and .see if that…you never know strange things happen, and things go bump in the night.!!!!!

Jaylew x
Sorry about the spelling of Demmis name ??


I kept this clean as well, cos it at the hall mark of being a bit :flushed:

, I have done it again,

I really should read the post properly.

I thought that you had watched the film GHOSTs ..sorry Rob, Sorry

but the sentiment is the same...........


My best boost ever came yesterday after an altercation with a wasp. I'm kind of phobic when it comes to these wee beasties. It was either the trauma of being stung or watching my gran kill them by pressing them against the kitchen window with her thumb when I were a pup.

Anyway I was trapped in the kitchen - it was me or the wasp. I followed its flight pattern very carefully - managed to get a tea towel, after a few swats I managed to knock it to the ground before delivering the coupé de grâce with the dust pan and brush.

After this altercation I was moving pretty good after that albeit for a short while.

So this begs the question, is there some reserve somewhere in our bonce that we tap into during fight or flight response? It cant be adrenaline cos the Novocaine at the dentist contains adrenaline and it sends my tremor into overdrive.

Is the cure something as simple as killing a wasp every 15 minutes? If I take on 4 wasps will good feeling last an hour, or am I more likely to get repeatedly stung and die of anaphylactic shock?

This needs researched. I'm off to e-bay to see if they sell any professional teflon coated fly swats. Look out for my Parkies cure kit in the shops, A picture of a ghost, a wasps bike, a professional fly swat and a half bottle of Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer (thats what attracted the wasp into the house- they can't get enough of it and it makes them sluggish and they die happy).

You'll most probably find the kit next to the Ronco Roller Measure.
Ooooh Germany Kyle is on T.V.

Doesn't relieve my symptoms any, but you get a laugh.

It's my exercise for the day rolling my eyes:rolling_eyes: and laughing:laughing:

Then the programme ends and reality kicks back in :fearful:
Update re wasp therapy.

A second one entered the kitchen.

This time it went for my sugar puffs.

It became utterly vicious forcing me to shuffle at great speed for the exit. Ruining another pair of socks. I steadied myself and went back in. The wasp flew into the living room and tried to escape via a closed window. Lets just say it was curtains for wasp no 2.

Love it!
Wasp Watch!

The weather seems a little inclement just now, so nothing doing. Lazy, fair weather little darlings.

Lets hope tomorrow is better. I usually settle down with a bottle of Crabbies as bait and I'm armed with my Sunday Supplements.

Its better than fishing. I wonder if thats called wasping.

Dont tell the Gov'mnt. They'll only tax us on it.
I don’t think there is any fiscal levy on catching sozzled wasps – not unless you were to open up your garden and charge the general public to engage in the seasonal sport of wasping. (Crabbies ‘n’ Supplement provided at small extra cost.)

You never know, it could be a nice (but taxable) little earner on a warm day.
Do you think we would need a liquor license if it's just the wasps who are consuming the Crabbies?

It would be pretty seasonal. How long do the little dears live for.

I feel a franchise coming on. I'm off to write to dragons den.
Hmmm, that’s a tricky one. It’s not as though you would be selling the Crabbies to the wasps as they’d be drinking it ‘on the house’ as it were, but it might be wise to put it down as ‘bait’ on the tax form, just to be safe.

Anyway, it all sounds very exciting, so good luck with the new venture (and the weather)!