Does your Doctors Receptionist ever Get in the way?

Ever get the feeling a doctors receptionists' think they are God beyond the business between Doctor and patient??.
over 3 weeks ago i had a doctors appointment in which Madopar Cr was added i had 28 days supply, i was sposed too make another one with the Gp immediately after my appointment yesterday with my PD nurse.
Entacapone was added yesterday on top of the normal Madopar, i have enough Pills for the next 5 DAYS.
There's supposedly 4 doctors within the surgery, and the surgery makes a lot about how many hours are lost each month because of lost appointments.. there are 2 people waiting too see a doctor/nurse/hca or whatever...
The receptionist says... ''There's no appointments available i cant fit you in for 2 weeks" and by the time the letter comes through(email) to liaise tween Pd nurse & GP "they'll be no point in making one".

All i require is for a Doctor too click a mouse So my prescription can go through so i wont run out of Medicine in 5 days bearing in mind tmrw is friday.

but Alas the receptionist thinks they know best in the business tween me and My Gp who requested me to make the appointment.

Everything in the NHS could run seamlessly but for 'receptionist's'.

hi. my GP have a phone service so if no appts can ask to be put on phone list . Your GP rings you at end of surgery.

also Ive phoned repeat prescriptions no and explained to them and they've sorted increase in prescription for me . 

worth a try 


Hi S A

Sounds as though you need to bypass the dragon (receptionist) and ask to speak to your GP on phone. As Kittens3 says they will usually ring you back at end of surgery.  He should be happy to do a prescription for the Madopar CR for you to collect that day so you don't run out, and follow up with the Entacapone later when he has received info from the P nurse.

Best of luck


She didn't give me any options, i live just 100 yrds from the surgery i walked there, there was just two people waiting too see either one of 4 doctors, a nurse, a hca or chiropodist.

All she would say was 'There's no appointments available i cant fit you in for 2 weeks" and by the time the letter comes through(email) to liaise tween Pd nurse & GP "they'll be no point in making one". and then closed the screen. 

It left me speechless, she hadn't even asked if i actually wanted too make one. all i could do was walk out of the building and home, if i had called all i would get is her again.

the Surgery has made a lot about missing and lost appointments, 170 in the last month. i have never missed one, i am always early either there or at hospital. it isnt as if i have an illness that is going away.

I have made an official complaint in writing too the practice manager.

i wont hold my breathe on anything other than being fobbed off.


Oh dear. Certainly raises the stress levels unnecessarily.   Can you suss out when she has lunch break & phone then? Or does the whole surgery close for lunch?



I have observed them eating at there work stations ect.

there is no way too avoid her. this isn't my first experience of her on a previous occasion i had too go there to get a 'fit note' before i was diagnosed and placed into the ESA support group. she inferred that what i was doing was illegal(infront of a packed surgery) because the date on the letter the DWP requested the fit note too be back with them didn't correspond with the date they could give me an appointment too have it signed. When i pointed out it was the government i.e the Dwp was asking and not myself i was issued with an apology.

Also when i had my dat scan, the surgery held on to my results for almost 8 weeks and didnt think too tell me, i actually had an appointment with the neuro who said '' what am i doing here havent they told you??''.

It is mistake after mistake there, including the mis diagnosis of my sister 17 yrs ago.

I think i have had enough of being nice.


I've had the fobb off

''it takes 2 weeks for the info too come through''. Laughable, i know i cant print  the words on this forum but feel free too think it.

The Parkinsons excellence Network are doing a UK AUDIT about 'care received' it seems focused on neurology and PD nurses, i filled in survey at my appointment with the PD nurse, i rated them excellent.

But it all falls down at the start.

Yes that's right PUK your focus of attention needs too be at the first face everyone see's, the 'receptionist', un trained busy bodies who think they are the NHS. the NHS is the PATIENT.

And with that i'm out of here

Hi Sea Angler,

Thanks for raising this with us. 

The Excellence Network has two working groups which are dedicated to improving services and making sure people with Parkinson’s are listened to. We will pass this complaint on to them.

Best wishes,
Digital Team