Does your partner, family member or friend have Parkinson's?

Hi everyone, 

I hope you're all well. As some of you may know, our magazine the Parkinson often features the experiences and stories of people living with the condition. 

Our editorial team are looking for people who support their family or friends living with Parkinson's to share their best advice, hints and tips to others who are in the same situation. I have cared for a loved one myself and my advice to others was to always make sure you stayed in touch with friends. Talking was always great therapy for me. smile

If you'd like to share your knowledge and advice then please do, we'll let you know if you'll be featured. 

Thanks everyone!


Hello, I care for my 82 year old wife who now has end stage parkinsons as well as COPD and a few other problems. Friends relatives have all sort of drifted away so I am her sole carer 24/7, not easy at times as I am 78 and have some health problems of my own. However I have a failed sheep dog border collie who picks up on the way I am feeling, she sleeps outside in her kennel and regardless of how bad a night it has been it's difficult to stay depressed when greeted with so much enthusiasm as I open the back door. 

Hi Vantodder, 

Thanks for sharing this. Animals have such an influence over the way we feel don't they? I take a lot of comfort from my pet when I'm feeling stressed too. 

Hello Vantodder,

That sounds like hard work, I'm glad you have your dog to greet you.  that's the thing about dogs, isn't it - not matter what's going on for you, they're always pleased to see you.  I hope you have some support.  I'll be thinking of you, chin up.

Thank you Giffy, yes it can be hard work and for somebody who's cooking skills were limited to beans on toast I think I have improved a bit. Anyway when the cooking goes badly wrong the dog always seems to enjoy it. At the moment getting some conflicting advice about how to care for my wife.

Take care