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Another question... 

My loved one is very very constipated, but no medication seems to help. As he puts it, his stool could be very soft and he would still have trouble doing a number two. He is to the point where he has to manually help himself go to the toilet. Has anyone else ever heard of this? He think its a problem with the muscles himself and not the softness of the stool itself. Any feedback would be appreciated, as he's suffering a lot with this. 

Thank you

Hi Iris

I had the same problem a few weeks ago  my stools were very hard  and could not go to the toilet my gp gave me some lactulose which helped soften them but still could not go as your husband says  they just do not move due to the muscles , i mentioned it to my pd nurse who suggested taking two senna at night which helps stimulate the muscles in your bowel , worked for me , if your hubby has a pd nurse give her a call there will be something she can suggest,  constipation is common in pwp

Hi, Iris --   I just read your post and recalled something I learned at a PD symposium several years ago.  PD is known to affect the rectal muscles, particularly one small muscle (the name of which I have forgotten) that is supposed to close off the stool and end a movement.  So your husband's sense that it is a muscular problem is probably absolutely right.  The brain and the muscle-controlling nerves simply aren't communicating.

I have not tried to research this topic at all.  There may be more recent information available.  I just remember the speaker's main points and the sounds of agreement from the audience full of PD patients!

Regards,    J

Hi Iris... I've suffered with constipation for the last 2 years which all ties in with my PD diagnosis. I've never heard of the muscles not functioning but when you think about it it's a PD standard so can offer my remedy which may help. I have tried Senna, Exlax, and just about all off the shelf remedies all to no avail. For my sins I started to get piles through straining something I'd never had before and don't particularly want again. I spoke to my GP and he prescribed Manevac Granuals, he said one dose and I'd be on the toilet the next morning, outcome - no go. Well on the second night I pessimistically took a double dose and it worked. I still suffer 3 or 4 day  bouts and it becomes manageable often supported by Manevac, anything's worth a go.

I'm aware from another post that you are in AUS so not sure this'll work but try the web-site below. I swear by the NHS and their treatments usually work for me.

Iris.... this needs to be sorted before it becomes a real problem and/or an emergency.

I am not out to alarm you in any way BUT my OH suffers, and has suffered for many years, from constipation.

Back in June 2011, after blockages had previously been sorted out via a sigmoidoscopy, they had a loop form in the   sigmoid colon due to  distention of the bowel,  it  being  full of  hard stools that could not be eliminated.

It resulted in removal of their sigmoid colon; thankfully no colostomy was needed as they managed to    put the two ends together. However, my OH was marked up prior to surgery for the possibility of having a bag.

OH then took Senekot to try to prevent this happening again; despite  that section of the colon being removed we have had another 999 call with similar symptoms and been told that there is another loop in the bowel. The op did not  cure. just sorted out the problem in that area.

On discussing this with our consultant, they said that over the counter laxatives were pretty strong and not for long term use so they prescribed a more gentle alternative.... Movicol. It is not to be taken when the problem arises, it is taken daily, in varying amounts, to hopefully stop the problem arising. I monitor   OH's usage of this as much as I monitor their levodaopa.


iris 11


Just wondering how things are?

I can't believe ive still got the runs several times a day and night....maybe it is the off to the docs tomorrow, in between visits!!!!!!!!eye roll

Have been to the docs today ......have got Gastritis which is why the burning pain in the abdomen is so raw so now on Omeprozole and also got to get a specimen of number 2s into a little bottle...that will be a balancing act lol red face...........oh joy!!!! 

Taking Movicol my OH found this very effective.  I particularly liked it being a powder because I could weigh out part of the packet as his Aricept began to cause very loose stools.

Now we`ve got the reverse problem and so far haven`t found a cure.  He`s been given Loperamide but there is no response for a couple of days and then he`s locked solid and we`re back to Movicol.  As Dollymaz says - oh joy.

Things aren't great. We've got bigger problems now due to anxiety attacks. Went to see the specialist but wasn't much help. 

Hi Hatknitter......I have been doing a bit of reading about Movicol and it is used for constipation it is an osmotic laxative, and can cause diarrehea, bloating, pain and gas.......all of which i already have ...still! i am still waiting for a diagnosis it could be so many different things and haven't yet had the results of the stool test. Meanwhile despite trying Loperamide to dry ! me up, i am still "GOING" during the night and many times during the day. if your OH is taking Loperamide he will  be bunged up!mr green Both "ends" of the scale are uncomfortable.........hoping we both find an answer soon.

with best wishes


Hi Everyone

I always eat plenty of fibre and brown bread seems to help me does anyone else find a good diet helps them?..................Paul

This seems like a bit of a minefield. I get constipated but find for a starter "Dulcoease" is quite good and for stubborn days I get on well with a swig of "Lactolose".




We have been advised  by our consultant  that too much fibre is not good either!

Plenty of water,  along with taking Movicol, which OH does, makes sense. As had been said, Moivcol is an osmotic laxative, (far more gentle than Senna in any form which should only be taken now and again, according to our consultant), BUT, Movicol requires a good intake of water to be effective.

As far as I am aware, Movicol helps keep water in the colon, thereby avoiding problems as far as is possible.

Yes, too much Movicol may result in the opposite effect BUT, far better, IMO, than a complete blockage of the colon resulting in a major operation, a 3 week stay in hospital, including 5 days in intensive care, all for the sake of some powder and  water a few times a day.

BTW, the op  did not  cure the problem  for ever, (as we both thought it would), as just 15 months ago, after another hospital admission for what seemed to be the same problem another loop was found in the, it could happen again if care to avoid such a situation is not taken.

hi J of Grey,

The muscle to which you refer is called the 'nipsey'.


I take laxido 3 times a day in line with madopar and starting Repinirole this week. My pd nurse says the constipation is down to the muscle movement that is lacked in pd - makes sense. Laxido makes it better but still not great .

A couple of tricks

a fish supper and a glass bottle of irn Bru (750ml, full fat)

(that's a pop-a-point method, squeeze one in,squeeze one out)

Scots porage oats

all bran

both chased down with a pint of vimto

on the throne

rocking backwards and forwards and side to side, try full circles

bend forward, breathe out til breath depleted, then cough  

Repeat as necessary to get started.

once started sit up halfway, breathe in, imagine the abdomen expanding, pushing the poo out, exhale while doing little coughs, or puff out like they tell them on midwife. 

to finish

sit up fully thereby engaging the nipsy sphincter

give yourself a round of applause for a jobbie well done, nobody else will appreciates you've been in labour for however many hours.

in fact, emerging from the boggeteriw having just dropped the kids off at the pool, all hot and sweaty, can cause you to get some funny looks.  Tell them to go blow it out their ass

everythiing after this should be tackled gingerly. 

Forgot your hot water and towels?

Ezinda, before you make my definitive guide above a sticky in the wall can I'd like to add the following:

if you suffer from the opposite effect, this too can be easily sorted with a spoonful of bisto. That should help thicken things up a bit. 

+ you'll probably need more hot water and towels. 

Hi All............well things are still the same....bloating, gas, pain, cramping and very loose watery stools especially at night and several times in the morningmr green The stool test was clear and so my GP referred me for a Colonoscopy which i  had done last Friday. It appears to be ok although where i have previously had a full Hysterectomy it has created quite severe scar tissue and so the Colonoscopy tube could only get as far as the hepatic flexure as the adhesions have caused looping. They took 2 random biopsies and said the Consultant may now want to scan the rest of the ascending colon that was missed. I have wondered for a while now if my symptoms could be down to my meds? or maybe an intolerence to Lactose. I feel having Parky i really should be suffering with constipation not looooooooooooooose 2's

Does anyone else have this problem? cos it is now becoming a right pain in the A*** !!!!idea

Cheers Dolly x