Doing the housework - tips and hints

Hello, I'm writing an article for The Parkinson, our quarterly membership magazine, about tips and hints on doing the housework. If you've got any tips to share with readers on how you keep the house clean and tidy, please post them below. Thanks, Sion

I have a tip - get someone else to do it! smile (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Hi Tabbycat, Definitely one way of doing it! Thanks for sharing! Sion

Forgive me, but I cannot see your article being very big.  I suspect people with Parkinson's clean their houses in much the same way as people without Parkinson's, only more slowly.Or they rely on their carers as Tabbycat suggests.






Hi Peter,

One suggestion was to fold the laundry with music on in the background, to help you keep moving smoothly. Any other tips like this would be great!


I often have music playing when I'm doing chores - now that you mention it, it does help. But it has to be something fast and dancey.

Hi Sion,

I employ an East European lady to do my housework.

It took her over an hour to hoover the lounge carpet this morning.

She tells me she`s Latvian - I think she`s a Slovac ! razz

Wow, I thought I was slow . . . Unless your carpet is the size of a football pitch!

But as Martini says, much, much more slowly and far less frequently. A Gtech cordless sweeper helps a lot, copes well with dog hairs altho needs emptying several times a session. I just can't lift or push my original hoover, As for dusting, after a few weeks it doesn't seem to get worse, or maybe that is wishful thinking! 






Hi - like the joke about the Slovac!! 

Basically, I do the housework when I have a good day - then I go like mad and do loads and suffer for it the next day. Personally I'd rather do the garden - it lasts longer.  You can clean through one day and it just needs doing again the next. I also don't iron as  much as I used to - only the middle of sheets for instance - then I tuck the creased bits  under the mattress! By the way, does anyone else use one of those sheets with a satin middle - great for helping you to turn over in the night.

When baking little cakes, I use an ice cream  scoop to get the mixture out of the bowl and into the paper cases. It helps because I can hold that with two hands.

If I think of any more I'll let you know. Good luck with the article. 

Have been married for 47 years and housework has always been my job, or so hubby says.  We have a four bedroom house etc, and his contribution has been mopping the kitchen floor.  Fortunately due to the Parkies, my standards have had to drop and hubby has discovered the sink, how to use the washing machine and iron - so, things are getting better for both of us.

So my advice is do not fret - you are never too old to learn new skills!  

And one lf the best new skills is the fine art of delegation . . . I'm trying hard to learn it! 


Hi everyone, Thanks for your contributions - make sure to check out the autumn issue of The Parkinson to see all the tips we've put together. Sion

I   employ a lady who does.

In between her visits  I use a rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaner. No leads to trip over and    easily manageable on stairs and the like.