Domestic Adaptation Assistance


My mother who was diagnosed with Parkinsons a couple of years ago is finding it increasingly difficult to lock and unlock front and back doors in the house. This leaves my father with concerns when he is out and also limits my mothers confident access in and out of the house - and thus reluctance to go out more.

I am looking for assistance in this area, be it companies that specialise in automatic doors, or options to make this part of life much easier.

I am sure that this is not uncommon, but having Googled this kind of this with limited success would like to know if anyone else can recommend a company or organisation that could assist.

I would also like them to have the house fully assessed to see what other adaptations could be made to make life easier.

Thank you in advance for any help / guidance.

Hello Mark, have you tried asking your mums neuro or GP for an assessment to be carried out in the house? I told my neuro about my difficulties and a home visit was arranged for an assessment. As a direct result of this I was provided with a number of adaptations to help me with my daily living.

I'm sure that this would be the way forward and I'm pretty sure also that if there are adaptations required to the property you can apply for a grant to assist with the costs. It might help you if you have a look at I hope this helps.

Thank you very much.

I will find out if my father has discussed this with the GP
hello MarkH .. Irang our social services , told them my husband had Parkinsons and felt that we needed an assessment .It took a few weeks then they sent an occupational therapist whe was most helpful . within a few days they put in place an extra handrail on the stairs a grab rail at the front and back door also an extra step They have now measured up for extra handrails at the front of the house . What they told me was that we would be allowed up £500 of help .

We have on long term loan support frame s for the upstairs and downstairs toilets a bed grab rail and a shower chair .

To be honest we didn't find it easy to ask I suppose until now have never needed to , my husband has always looked after me but the roles are reversed now .