Does anyone have any info on this drug. I have beeb advised by my consultant that it may help my useless right hand which is limp and aches all the time when shaking. I am advised that the drs are 50/50 as to whether there are any advantages to taking this however the side effects terrify me. My Consultant says it is my choice and I might me the lucky one to see an improvement great!
I thought that domperidone was an anti-nausea drug.
Welcome , but I don't think that I can help you much. As with most stuff in life:
suck it and see.

good luck. mrs.t.
Hi Farmers wife,

I've not heard of Domperidone to be used to treat symptoms of Parkinson's. From what I understand Domperidone is used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by other drugs used to treat Parkinson's Disease.

Best regards
Mrs are right I was given that to stop my sickness............but on looking it up I was taken aback to read ......

Domperidone - Dopamine antagonist Used for The relief of sickness, feeling sick, or the regurgitation of stomach contents.....does not cross the blood-brain barrier to any appreciable degree....just those two words DA made me feel sick.

I have learnt so much on this forum, and beginning to think a bit of knowledge IS a dangerous thing.

Farmers's Wife... welcome and the best of luck to you

Radz x
ive been on DA`S for just over a year i must admit im more interested in sex which my wife has obilged like being teenagers and sometimes i think one of my cats gone by but when i look theres nowt there apart from that the worst for me is coonstipation! so it not all bad.
radar, forgive me if I am carrying coals to Newcastle.
Domperidone is a dopamine ANTagonist the opposite of a DA
Sorry, sorry, sorry to all concerned....thank you AB for pointing that out...I read the dang word wrong phew!!....fool that I am.

Radz xx

to bally right it is:flushed: