Can anyone tell me whether it's better to take domperidone before Requip XL dosage to build up resistence, especially if you're prone to sickness anyway or only if you feel sick/nauseas - double the problem if taken together?  what is the timing, half an hour before?  Desperate/scared to start, terrible pains/cramps in legs but so confused.  Trying to beat the dreaded constipation too.


Thanks in advance



Hi Soulmate although I can't answer your question I thought I would introduce myself as I am in the exact same boat as you. I was diagnosed in December 2013, but only seen the PD consultant for the first time last Saturday, and have been prescribed the exact same medication as you.

Guess what? I'm bricking it too. Been staring at the pill boxes since Wednesday and haven't started taking them yet. I feel that I just didn't ask enough questions about the meds when I saw the consultant so I have made an appointment to see my GP to go over side effects, driving (during the adjustment period ) etc, just so I know what to expect when I start.

I think the worst part about the meds is just that once you take that first pill thats you for life. Its such a frightening thought that somehow makes the condition more real.

I am 42 with a wife and 2 teenagers and can't believe I have this condition at my age, but hey at least it can be treated and I'm not dead.

It would be great to keep in touch especially over the coming weeks. Perhaps we can keep each other posted on our progress (good days and bad) with the meds. Its good to know that your not alone and its good to speak to someone away from the immediate family with whom you can be honest without thinking that you are worrying your (all ready worried) family members.

Take care and keep in touch

Wee Jock

Hi Soulmate

I do not take Requip but i do take Madopr (Levodopa ) to combat any nausea i used to take the Domperidone  1 hour before my Madopar dose and that worked well for me , my doctor advised me to take the Domperidone for a couple of days before i started the Madopar  to  get it in my system , i found that after a month or so i was able to cut down on the Domperidone gradually  and now i do not take any Domperidone at all

I had the same problem with the dreaded constipation, plenty of fresh fruit and my pd nurse prescribded some Lactulose and Senna worked for me red face


Hi Wee Jock

I was diagnosed in August 2013 at 47 yrs old , my response when the neuro told me it was Parkinsons was ' are you sure ? i am to young to have Parkinsons ', it is quite daunting at first , but you are in the right place plenty of help and advice is always available on the forum

Hi All


What I have found with Requip Ropiniroleble indigestion I found this was the case as the dose went higher by 2mg a week. I was ok the first 2 weeks it was only when I switched to 6mg that the indigestion started and this continued for a lot of the day to the point I was questioning having the medication changed. But this is how I do things now I take one omeprazole and one ropinirole 8mg and a motillium (domperidone) at the same time and I allso makes ure I eat breakfast again at the same time this really helps me and  makes the whole thing more bearable any other medication i need I take a few hours later every bodys different and you have to find your own best method There is just one other thing I would say that I have been a bit better since taking the ropinirole as asingle 8mg dose rather than 4 times 2mg I suppose its easier tolerated as one rather than 4 running around my system. If my Pd nurse or specialist wants to increase well i will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Good luck Wee Jock with your medication use this board we all want to share and feed back


Shelly you have done well to come off domperidone you must have a stomach lining like a wellington boot lol

I wish i had Paul

i originally was prescribed Sinemet plus , i had to come off those and be changed to Madopar as the nausea and vomiting was unbearable i my gp gave me  every anti sickness tablet going , domperidone, ondansetron , cyclizine  but still the nausea and vomiting continued after 2 months on Sinemet i  was on the verge on stopping my meds all together when pd nurse changed me to Madopar , what a difference i took domperidone at first  but now i do not take any domperidone , every one is different , my mother also has pd and she takes Sinemet plus without any anti sickness  .