Donating brain

I know this isn't a very nice subject, but has anyone on the Forum decided to donate their brain for medical science, when they die? I think BB said she intends to do this. Do researchers have a shortage of brains to work on and would it be helpful if more people donated them? Perhaps Parkinson's UK could give us a bit of information on this subject.


Human Tissue Authority gives guidance on brain donation, with  details of Parkinsons brain bank.  Its seems to be a good idea to let the appropriate "bank" know of your wishes and what the procedure is.  Just type     I aim to give all my body away to save on funeral costs.



Perhaps we should donate our knowledge? or would be just as apt a concept?.

I aim to have my ashes laid  with those of my late Girlfreind at a spot ive already picked out, i hope to retain my memories incase there's something after life with Clare


Hi all,

Thank you very much for bringing up this topic, Twinks. As you said, it's not something that is pleasant to discuss, but it's an important decision to make and donations of brain tissue for research can make the difference in improving our understanding of Parkinson's and finding a cure.

There is lots of useful information about what our brain bank does and how to donate here: Please have a look and if you would like more information you can contact the Parkinson's UK Brain Bank team directly by email on [email protected] or by phone on 020 7594 9732.

I hope that's helpful!

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Forgive my flippant comment if anyone offended.  I do respect every one has their own beliefs and wishes.  Equally acceptable to donate or not to donate. x


 i wasnt offended

Pleased not offended, a general apology as realise some people may have strong views on this subject and respect diversity.


                 YES I HAVE OPTED THE  BRAIN DONATION  THOUGH I FEAR IT WONT BE OF MUCH USE by the time I move to  the next dimension  the damage caused by our parky friend  playing five a side with my neurons will be collosal by then but as I wont need it well  its such a waste to just burn it  when it may be of some use, so  yes im in the bb,


I've donated my brain. Just hope they can find it


Yes, I've signed up to donate.

Good news, keep them brains coming,  bank them for the future.

Hello and how is everyone. What's a Brain then?

Hello all,

Donating one’s brain.

The latest MRI Scanner (Cardiff) shows images of the brain, albeit in false or enhanced colour, that demonstrates just how remarkable the living brain is. It is mesmerisingly complicated and has a absolute majesty about it.

The trillions of neuropaths, electro chemical signals, sending messages, codes to other parts of the brain, and the body, cross referencing, storing, warning signals, etc through millions of separate functions and actions is simply mind blowing (excuse the pun). One can only wonder how this magnificent and complex device developed over millions of years of evolution to give us the joy, privilege and complication of consciousness. Yet the more complex something is, the more things can go wrong and PD is an example of that.

When we die all this neuro-chemical and neuro-electric activity stops and everything closes down and the brain becomes  inert, lifeless piece of matter, with no function or purpose.

That maybe something happens to preserve, to save, what was this beautifully functioning mechanism with its store of knowledge, ideas and consciousness, that was or is an individual (you) is a philosophical and spiritual debate, probably not for this forum. Yet openly or covertly most of us hope there is something.

Donation of what is left of physically (the dead brain) will, I’m sure help researchers find answers to PD as well as other neurological diseases. That's why I’ve donated my brain.

But the advancement the science of scanning of the living, functioning brain will, I’m sure, give us the ultimate answers.