Donations to puk

hi ,i was reading about donations to puk last nite on the website,and that you can sent a lump sum or a bit or set up a direct debit of your choice,i did this one,i already do fundraising for parkinsons ,and feel i do my part,but i feel happier now im doing a direct debit each month also.85 percent of every pound you send them goes to parkinsons,which i thought was great.i thought i would set this thread up to tell people who was unaware of the section on the website.every penny helps so much for resurch,and other areas of parkinsons,ive had pd 12 years and i feel proud im doing my part.please if you could help surport puk,parkinsons,thankyou :smile:

I am a big supporter of puk for 2 reasons, one I want a cure found so others do not have to suffer like us and two I have been very grateful for a lot of the services they offer, the helpline, the support workers, the information etc
There is lots we can do to support them, direct giving, fund raising, buying from their shop, collecting stamps,etc

Maybe we could have a thread sharing ideas

I usually sell puk raffle tickets and this year I did an hours tin- rattling outside Tesco's, which I enjoyed very much. The generosity of people was most heartening and I intend to do the same next year. If each one of us did our little bit it would make a big difference.