Done another couple of things off the list

Hi everyone
Well today I got confirmation from DVLA that I have to give up my driving license. I was expecting it from what I put on the form. I haven’t really driven for years so it’s ok.
I saw GP last night regarding hospital letter they had received. She was lovely booked me in for the last appointment so not to rush through things. I was in there nearly an hour.
She said it must have been a shock for you. It was then came the tears. I felt embarrassed but she said not to worry. I explained that I hadn’t really asked consultant much about it. And that it was only really sinking in now which it is. 3 weeks on.
We talked a bit more she said to stick to my medication for depression I was doing so well with that to the point my doseage was coming down.
She said hopefully it won’t be to long before I see a Parkinson’s nurse but in the meantime to go back and see her next month or before if needed. She gave me some more of my meds as they are increasing doseage.
So she was very understanding which was a surprise. I told her about the ESA50 and her answer was let them write to me I will tell them straight.
I was surprised that my experience over gp surgery was positive and caring something which is rare these days.
My gp surgery I have been under for 24 years and drs have changed often and this is the first time I have seen her.
I shall ask for her again.
Has anyone else had a positive gp appointment when they have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s?
Upon leaving though she did remind me my COPD review is due something I had forgotten.
Hope everyone is coping with the heat.
Sorry to rattle on

Really good to hear of such a positive experience…am very glad for you.
In my experience it takes time and error to find the right people. We found my OH’s GP completely by chance when he needed an emergency appt and had to take what was given, which was her. Pure gold dust. But such people give so much of themselves that I wonder how long they can last in the job, and maybe that is why others cope by distancing themselves behind their computers and monosyllabic talk lacking in empathy. It’s a tough call, esp when they have so little time and all the pressures of the job.
Best wishes, Pippa