Don't be another crime statistic

Any elaboration?

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I had hoped to say." IM off down to London soon and havent been in a busy city for a while. Im slow at everything, use a walking stick, slow putting away my purse, etc and dont want to look like an easy target for some scum who wants to pick my pocket or worse, Any tips on not looking like a lickely target?


When I go to London I carry a fold over satchel bag to make sure everything is covered and out of sight. That bits easier for us ladies. Make sure you have somewhere safe for valuebles. I won't let people harass me away from counters after paying until everything is back in a safe place. Try to look confident even if you don't feel it. Have you a friend coming with you? Keep together. Make sure you know your route, so you don't get lost. I don't know what else to say, I,v e never had problems in London. Years ago my husband had his wallet pickpocket in Paris train station, but he had it loose in his back jeans pocket, a bit of a no no, but he has a very trusting nature.

All the best Porthos.

Carry a machine gun in a violin works wonders!!

confused suprisedbig grin wink brilliant link, what a bodyguard he,d make!


Send him round!

Seriously, thanks for all the advice. All I need  now is somewhere to park my car all day in Leeds, as the coach leaves at 06.15.:(