Don't let the kettle boil!

My Parkinson’s is like the kettle in the old saying, “a watched kettle never boils”; only I don’t want my Parkinson’s to come to the boil so I watch it intently. However, I don’t know how my Parkinson’s will progress or how long it will take to get to boiling point or whether there is a point at which the whistle on the kettle will sound. In any case, a watched kettle does continue to heat up so obsessively scrutinising every symptom fluctuation without moving on and trying to live some sort of life with the disease is to no propose.

Of course, there are things you can do, ice cubes you can acquire, to cool down the water in the kettle (e.g. medication, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), exercise etc). Emotionally, there are insulated gloves you can wear to help you handle the current temperature of your Parkinson’s. Alternatively, you can make the temperature of the kettle feel higher by dragging yourself into an unknown future built on negative expectations.

I can’t do anything about the fact the Parkinson’s kettle has been switched on but I can do something about how to react to the current temperature of the kettle.

dr jonny