Doorframe Barretics

Please forgive me on the cryptic title.

I've often heard how balance is a key element of any exercise.  PwP are told that exercise aids our wellbeing but balance can be an issue. 

Ballet training uses a Barre for balance.  Doorframe Barretics uses a doorframe for balance.  I've begun devising a number of exercise and stretching routines that I perform standing in a doorway.  I'm finding it helps me relax and is really quite easy to build up a fairly thorough repertoire. 

Now I've made up a name for it I'm going to do something even dafter than the name, I'm going to video myself and post it online. I'll post a link to it once I've worked up the courage or found a proper video online on the assumption that I can't have had an original idea.

Someone please save me from myself and tell me I'm not the first or only person that does this. 


go for it!

Well, I've searched and found very little so I did the video for a laugh and then forgot to smile. 

Oh well, here's the link:



Hi Kendo.

Congratulations on an excellent video.

I think it's a really good tip for allowing some balance control whilst excercising.

Well done & thanks for the information, I'll definitely use it in my daily routine.






mine is a bar across top of inside door frame. I put two hands on it and stretch. Not very sophisticated but effective for  relieving stiffness in torso.

you can even do it without a bar if there s enough depth between the frame and the wall to curl your fingers over the top of the frame.

Hope that s clear

Best wishes



Just seen the video. Some very helpful ideas, thank you v much


Thanks for the comments. I also have a bar to use plus a gym in a cold garage. In winter months I needed a non equipment based routine indoors I could use at any time of day. I came up with the door frame method as I find stretches on the floor leave me relaxed until I get up off the floor. Feel free to suggest other ideas on how to use the door frame other than shutting the door to keep the heat in the room ;)

Great idea  not seen anythin like this before........too late for the after xmas dvd market !!!!!!! I am sure a lot of people could give this a go....well done

I have been using the archway from dining room to kitchen to do a sort of vetruvian (wo)man style stretch, but you have taken it a lot further, good ideas.

I use the area on the landing with the bannister to hold onto to do knee lifts and squats and that kind of thing, a safe place and extra support if you need it.

Mosie. Yes that's it a readily accessible equipment free area where you can hold on for balance when required.

hi do very similar exercises but shall use the doorframe more. excellent.