Dopamine Agonist Catastrophic Behaviour - Ultimate (?) Prevention Tool


Thanks to Dan from Las Vegas for this

ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY IN LAS VEGAS......Before making a quick decision, consider why you want to make it quickly.

Consider if it will honour God* and what it might cost others.

If you are afraid to make a decision, think about why that might be.

Most of all, pray!**

A moment of patience can prevent a great disaster.


*replace with deity or line / expletive of choice

** replace with method of contacting deity of choice or expletive relevant to thought process


Before making a quick decision, consider why you want to make it quickly.
Consider if it will honour mistress whiplash* and what it might cost others.
If you are afraid to make a decision, think about why that might be.
Most of all, beg for a beating**

well that didn't work, I still posted it. Or should that be saved.


To be fair I didn't consider a diety or pray, I thought I was very funny, I'm still chuckling, and that my battery is about to snuff it and how, if i don't post/save soon I'll lose it all, and it's taken me all day to type this and I've used too many ands, and How I don't have time to edit it.  Soz all (Soz means sorry, it's also French for sauce)


hi  eck  ,did you forget to keep an eye on your dbs battery ! nice to hear from you 


Thanks gus


Training required it would seem.


Miss Whiplash is your deity and asking for beatings your form of prayer.


Urgent need to visit bookies. Why the urgency? Dead cert at 7/2, Muff Diver, in the 1.40 at Wincanton its now 1.30.  Ask can you afford to lose £2 will £5 change your life?

Will a trip to the bookies honour Miss Whiplash or would the £2 be better spent elsewhere?

Ask for a beating. Dealing with the queue may be a problem


I'd prefer to lose £2 on the horse, than £200 on a miss whiplash and beg for a beating. Does that help?  Am I getting the hang of it?


Your quids in


So the message seems to be "don't gamble, it gives you a sore @&$#"


In your case yes


@&$*? I meant wallet. 

Predictive text?  


Leyther, are you still kicking???question markcool


Hello leyther

as a matter of interest were you in the coal business , I was a coal merchant for 20 years 

Ian wondering ?? 


Hello  peeps beeg and smoll

                                         Well I  wont  be  going  up  thats  for  sure as a few  quid  went  on  the  doggies, I do  envy   believers as they have  the  support of  the  big  guy  ,  , its  when I watch  the  news  and see  kiddies  with  no  eyes or  legs  dead bodies    all over  and here  these I hesitate  here  as  I was  going  to  say  humans  saying  they love  death  more  than  life,,  yeh  I know  the  feeling  mate,   and off  he  goes wearing  his  semtex  hand  made cardy  to  take  his place in    where  who  knows  no  one comes  back  after  atomising  their  body  in  a  Hospital or  market , religion  nah I worked  it  out  somewhere I   spent  about £500  ON  THE  LOTTO  for £ 10, so  steer clear of  gambling  now.

            oh  eck  were you  the  guy on star  trek , spock  ,,often  wore  a frock   , not  gay  or  trans  from  preston  pans  or near  keen  ski,er  likes  beer,  or  two  is  it  was  it  you,,,,,ECK was  it  eh was it


Must of tooķ you ages fed picking them numbers lol


Andy Murray, world number one, for a knighthood. 


I think we're going off topic a tad. 

Idiots still at large with too much money and no fricken sense setting off squibs and Catherine wheels and such like.  Imbeciles forgot to set them off yesterday. Harrumph. 

I mean what's the bloody point , what is the bloody point.  I ask you. 

Struth. !


I had a pet carrot at  the  time,  no   no  mistake,, carrot Irescued it  from  a carrot dealer who  was not  taking  care  of  it it had  very  few  feathers and  its vocabulary consisted of the telephone ,  a cat  a  dog and  th,  understorms ,,sorry   did  I  say  carrot  ,I meant Komodo  Dragon,  if  he  did not  want  to  go in his   cage  well  er he didnt and he  was  a poor wordsmith  ,  grrH  GRRR  ARGGH,  and  that was it,,so  where  was i  YES my  parrot  could count  to 11 so  I  used  him  for  the  numbers  until  he  died  of  boredom sad  eh    never  bet  now, the bl???Dy dRAGON always  has  the  best  chair,oh  and  the  zoo  took  Kay,,the  ,,,yes  you  know,   I hope  you  are well  Gus              



not bad pretty poly poly razz cheers fed



                          Yes  he  is  a  bit  of  a  worky ticket and  will eat  anything that is  in  range,  but  he  has  his  uses,  no  cats  venture  to   pooh on  my lawn and last  year  group  of local  thugs  approached  me  and  challenged  me or   should I  say  my  dog,, yes  dog, on his  pedigree he is registered as  a  LONG TAILED LONG NOSED  SHORT LEGGED TERRIER,  for  customs  reasons,,  and   well  I  agreed

Result 6 niil  to  FEDS  Terrier,?