Dopamine Agonists and catastrophic Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders

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Anyway I'm looking for help. Does anyone have a list of web sites I should visit for reports and examples of OCD's caused by DA's.

My lawyer has asked me, ME to gather up such examples. I've got some, but there are reports cited in this thread and I'd like to give them the web addresses.

I know links are frowned upon, so I can be pm'd. Any contributions gratefully received.

Hi Eck,
Links are actually not frowned upon on this long as they are related to Parkinson's. They can actually be quite useful to other users. We recapped the rule recently here:

That post reads:
Links that have a clear link to Parkinson’s are fine on the forum as long as they are not solely for the purposes of advertising. We will normally remove links that don’t meet this criteria. This is because in the past, there have been links to borderline or inappropriate material and it is extremely difficult for our moderators to review all third party websites that users may link to.

Please let me know if anyone has further questions about this.


Hi Eck, can I your solicitor taking up your case? What sort of information re OCD's do you need?


Hello ECK,

Is the lawyer you refer to just a local solicitor, or a pucker barrister. Might be an idea to track down a Professor and Barrister who has defended in a recent similar case, and tell your solicitor to take them on.

A Prof will have all the knowledge and experience you could want, and the Barrister make a an ecellent case for you. They probably charge a lot, but you would never see their bills if you are using Legal Aid.

Just a thought, the very best of luck,

Radz xx

hi eck just would like to say good luck with ur case ,please keep us informed how u get on ,x:smile:

Looks like I'm scuppered before I even start.

I took out a phi policy pre pd.

So now I have spent all my savings and then some, well, then lots.

I now 'earn' too much to be considered for legal aid.

ALL surplus moneys after essential bills + £250 a month for food(?????) is taken to feed my creditors (although this doesn't stop the harassment of them wanting more).

(£250 for food, by the time I pay for my buckfast (30btls @ £6.50 = £195) That leaves me enough for a packet of tic-tacs for breakfast and a twix split between lunch and dinner - Thats a twix extra - oh yes I know how to live it up. + I squirrel a few pence a month to save up for a tangerine at Christmas (helps keep the scurvy at bay). Shhh the creditors don't know about that).

Dear Eck, is it real life examples of OCD behaviour caused by DA's that you are looking for. Or legal judgements?
If the former - google "stories of OCD caused by dopamine agonists". Takes a bit of ploughing through (& you will probably recognise some). It might be worth a glance?
If the latter, I would have thought the lawyers in a far better position to find them
I wish you luck , justice & nothing but the best of everything

I agree Eck, it's appaling that we can't get legal aid to help us. Read your e-mails please.

We all wish you well in this mammoth task you are taking on.

Love to you both

Radz xx

A good indication of where Dr Kieran Breen's priorities lie came to light last week, when for some reason he felt the need to Twitter the following classic Virginia Woolf quote: "One cannot think well, sleep well, live well if one has not dined well". Say no more.

Given the poverty so many of the patients he represents are in, and the fact that he's paid out of charitable donations (not to mention the plights of hundreds of penniless DA/OCD victims who are desperately looking to him for help), this remark was particularly insensitive and ill-thought-out IMHO

Radz x

Probably twittered whilst enjoying a snifter of brandy and a foot long Havana. (allegedly)

Meanwhile I was back in my septic tank 'enjoying' a discarded 2nd hand doner kebab.


Hi Radz and Eck,
Read your comment about Dr. Breen's tweet and would like to offer another way of interpreting it. What if he was trying to point out that people are in dire straights and need help simply keeping food on the table, much less deal with medical issues. How can anyone be healthy without access to and the funds for nutritious food? There is a program that was started in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, where doctors can refer their patients in order to receive help for things like finding a job, food stamps, spousal abuse, etc... Issues that must be addressed before a patient can be expected to be able to pay for meds and consistently follow docs recommendations.

Don't know what he meant, but like to think he meant that more help with basic needs must be provided.

Best wishes, Lin2

It would be nice to think that is what he meant. To that end I have altered my mental picture of the good doctor and see him in a suit covered in pins/flags for all different charities he has given to on his way along his village high street.

Pins that he uses to eat his poke of welks that he bought in support m of the drowned chinese cockle pickers charity.

Radz, how could you think such a thing. For shame. To be fair if he said what lin said he said there would not be this ambiguity.

I would like it noted that if anyone doesn't like my post, could you pass your comments onto lin for re-interpretation to something that doesn't upset anyones sensitivities.

Lin where have you been. There has been a lot of bickering in this forum in the past, you could have sorted it all out. I think Rupert Murdoch is looking for your kind of skills.

On a personal note, I told my sister-in-law she was a BEEP BEEP and a BEEP. She took it to mean something bad, how do I go about turning it round to something positive.

what the hell is going on?
ROS disappeard and everyone is talking about some doc. who ahs been able to access the forum with own name.

Quite right Mrs T. Bring back RoS. (Wasn't that a spin off from Frazier?) This sort of thing wouldn't have happened on his watch.

I'm going to track down my sholishiter today to divulge the wealth of information provided by the users of this forum. They know who they are, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

That is true altruism right here in this forum.

Anyway we've established that the good Dr. was doing a good deed. He has also shown the pearls of using your own name by being spotted on twitter, twitting a tweet, or is it tweeting a twit. (See Mod, how careful I'm being).

It's Monday we are all depressed. Lets have a week of +ve spin. In fact lets let RoS out on day release, with a tag of course (don't want to go all soft on crime).

I guess I have to identify myself, name is tryphena, am 76, diagnosed in 2002,
JUST CAME ON THE fORUM, AFTER INITIALLY JOINING A FEW YEARS AGO. I don't know how I arrived on this thread, but as I have been having a few similar problems I read most of the items written with great interest, and not a little, fear and trepidation. Luckily no really serious compulsions as yet, and I have a feeling having read your reports, that my PDS Nurse is keeping a wary eye on me.
Don't know how to find things on this forum, so I may or may not 'see you'again.
Hou sound a lovely bunch so I hope we meet up when I log on tomorrow. I live in Wales, UK by the way. Good luck to you all. Tryphena.

Ah that is so nice of you Tryphena, just take your time and I am sure you will be flying through the threads. Everyone is very nice and we are all here to help one another.

Don't be a stranger, I shall look forward to your posts.

All the best to you

Radz x