Dopamine Agonists and catastrophic Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders

Good evening Tryphena

Lovely to see you have taken the plunge to join us. Lots of lovely people on the forum to help and advise with any problems you have.

Stay in touch and take care PB

Hi Tryphena,

A posiitive delight to hear from you. Any questions and you will find a veritable plethora of knowledgeable, people who have been through the mill and got out the other side.


Hi Tryphena,

Welcome to the forum! Hope you can stay and the people here can help you if you need to ask something.

So you are on DA's? You aren't on any of the levodopa-based drugs (madopar, sinemet, stalevo etc)?

Welcome again and very best wishes!!

Anybody any ideas about what I can re-wrap by way of a gift for Mrs Eck and I's anniversary. I've requested a re-wrap of my Rangers pint pot, can't use it though, it doesn't have a lid. Although I do have cling film and I could indulge in some straw-napping at McD's next time I have to use their facilities.

Ahhh the after-math of catastrophic OCD's, the stench of deprivation.

When I say wrap I mean put in the gift bag I kept from last year. Its so big by yeah big so, you know, something that will fit in that. I've only got a week or is it only 4 days. I better get that bit right at least.

So, thinking caps on people.

what about a nice bunch of flowers ECK are there any growing next door?:wink:

Radz xx

Flowers are a good idea.

And anythng to do with Rangers (the Hun variety of course and not of the QPR kind), Eck, should be flushed down the bog, where it belongs. :grin:

Thanks for the suggestions.

Next doors flowers are all withered, lack of sunshine I suspect.

Hi Eck,

How about locating an old photo of the both of you, cut out a piece of card with centre piece cut out to display pic, seal back with full size pice of card, decorate frame with pasta (spray gold or silver - obtained from £1 shops) or shells or any beads etc or just your own hand design and present a personalised photo frame? Tell her you chose a paper item (picture) as she's still as special to you as she was on your 1st anniversary :flushed::wink:

OR cut out card into heart shape, place pic inside and get someone on the creative forum to knock you up a romantic poem (some of them have become quite good you know?)

Then........pop down to McD's nick(sorry..acquire) those straws, cut them into ascending lengths, glue them together to create a hand made flute and seranade her with a tune or two! :grin:

Failing that, your just going to have to place a ribbon on your birthday suit man bits and present yourself!!:flushed::flushed::laughing:

Happy Anniversary to you both


#569 have made me laugh with your post, I am trying not to form a picture of ECK in my mind LOL

Great idea though about the picture, I am guessing you are a card maker like myself.

What anniversary is it ECK? Maybe you could write Mrs ECK a poem.

Radz xx

OOOppps appear to have had a problem with connection and sent post lots of times!!!

Hi Radz,

I'm not really a card maker but do this sort of thing for an art & craft course i teach for adults with learning difficulties. :rolling_eyes:


Brilliant Drobb.

It will be our twentieth. Crystal.

I'm off to the haberdashers and a shop that sells cups.

Nothing is too much for Mrs Eck. (She put me right on that score very early on.)

Crystal wedding anni? only one thing for it then....

You gotta present yourself with that BIG ribbon swinging from a Crystal chandelier. Ha ha ha ha ha ha :laughing::laughing::laughing::flushed:

Diane :grin:

Crystal wedding anni? only one thing for it then....

You gotta present yourself with that BIG ribbon swinging from a Crystal chandelier. Ha ha ha ha ha ha :laughing::laughing::laughing::flushed:

Diane :grin:

ECK....20th on my list is China

My darling where have all the years gone
Two decades since we became as one
On our CHINA anniversary I want you to know
My love for you just continues to grow.

Radz xx

We had better start another thread. RoS will be back soon, when he sees what we've done to his thread, he'll go apoplectic and get banned again. Thanks for all the suggestions. I was trying to highlight the deprivation that can and does come with a catastrophic OCD episode.

It's not just change your tabs. It's pick up the tatters that are left and start from square -100,000.

You think its bad for students starting at -27,000 that they only have to pay off when they start earning X,000's a year.

Try -100,000 on benefits and the bailiffs chapping at the bit to sell everything you've sweated hard for and, sentimental or not, being hawked for next to nothing and being charged for the privilege.

Somebody ought to change these barbaric debt laws. Legalised theft, thats what it is.


YipeeQ..Rays back in 9 days:laughing:

I fully agree with you Eck, I think you and I are in the same boat......without a paddle between us!!!!!


hi ECK and Glenchass,

Have you considered taking out a debt relief order or even going bankrupt?

These days you tend to only hear of the negative side of bankruptcy, however there are a lot of up sides? With a well worded letter from your Neuro supporting the reason for the debts being due to Medication side effects, would influence the court and reduce the period of bankruptcy to 12 months. This way all your debts are written off, and you would not lose your home. A debt relief order (DRO) is even better because you get to clear all your debts without going bankrupt! However a DRO is limited to i think a ceiling of around £16,000 debts? Otherwise it would have to be a bankruptcy order. I would advise you to stay clear of going down the IVA route because its a nightmare and your still locked into paying your creditors for years to come!

If you want any further info or help on your debt management options then feel free to email me.

best wishes

As the carer of a husband suffering the devastating effects of DAs and now off Requip XL and struggling with a return to Sinemet, I was very interested to hear of clinical trials of a new slow release (?1 a day) version af a levadopa based drug called IPX066.
This would seem to offer the advantages of the 1 a day DA without the horrific side effects.
Anyone know anything about it?
I feel there is a little light on the horizon...