Dopamine Agonists and catastrophic Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders

IPX066 Demonstrates Efficacy and Safety in ADVANCE-PD Phase III ... Mar 2011 – IPX066 met the primary end point, significantly reducing percentage of off time over IR CD-LD Conference call and Webcast presentation ...

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Thanks Ray
I find this really encouraging!
My husband has to take Sinemet every 2 hours and it never works if he has eaten in the last hour, so life is very difficult if we eat with friends and don't rush as we do at home!
Sinemet works well but taking it in the dark at the theatre or cinema is a problem and if he suddenly stops moving before a dose is due it can be alarming depending on where we are.
The clinical trials seem well advanced.
Any idea when it will be on the market?

No, but hopefully Bluey will be on the case?



Several people have recently asked me to clarify the chances of young-onset patients (under 50 at dx) suffering from OCDs if they take prescribed DAs. The current figures are:

Normal PD patients: 1 in 4.
Those on high dosages: 1 in 3.
Young onset: 1 in 2.

Patients who initially don't appear to suffer from OCDs nevertheless run an increasing risk of doing so every time their DA dosage is increased. It seems likely that everybody has their own threshold beyond which they will succumb to OCDs, but these vary greatly from person to person.

Nor must we forget that there is an unknown number of DA/OCD sufferers out there "in hiding", as it were, unable to face perceived shame, ridicule and other consequences. In addition there are those who are currently in an OCD state, oblivious to the fact that their PD medication is the cause. If these two numbers could be quantified the above figures would clearly need to be revised to cater for them.


Thanks Ray for reporting the latest Mayo Clinic findings.
Please don't feel you have to give up if you have suffered.Please click on this link.

If you have been affected by DAs and OCDs related to gambling you can contact this firm of solicitors who are finalising a class action against GlaxoSmithKline.
They have all the evidence and expert reports and seem to have a good chance of success.
No decision has yet been made about suing for hypersexuality and other OCDs.
Fight back and good luck!

Hi all
We need people who have been affected by Pergolide to start pushing Leigh Day

Is cabaser the same as pergolide?Cabaser is in the lawsuit.
The action is also for Ropinirole/requip so follow Jonathon's advice..the more the merrier!


CABERGOLINE is the generic name of one particular drug in the [u]DOPAMINE AGONIST[/u] group of drugs, which is used by Neurologists to combat Parkinsonian symptoms. It can be prescribed simply as generic Cabergoline (with no brand name), or as Cabaser or Dostinex. The last two are commercial brand names manufactured and marketed by privately-owned pharmaceutical companies. However, all three contain the same combination of active drugs.

Similarly ROPINIROLE is the generic name of another drug in the DOPAMINE AGONIST group. As above it can be prescribed either in its generic form or as the commercial product Requip. The two forms of this drug, as before, contain exactly the same active components. (But note that Cabergoline - in any guise - is totally different to Ropinirole. They are both DAs, but they have completely different chemical structures.)

PERGOLIDE is the generic name of another drug in the DOPAMINE AGONIST group. Equivalent commercial brand names are Permax and Pergotoliderived.

BROMOCRIPTINE is another generic DA. The equivalent brand name is Parlodel.

MIRAPEX is another generic DA. Commercial brand name Pramipexole.

APOMORPHINE is another generic DA. Brand name Apokyn.

ROTIGOTINE is another, brand Neupro.

Quinagolide is another, brand Norprolac.


Please note that if your GP prescribes a [u]specific[/u] brand name, your pharmacist MUST supply that particular brand. So if, for example, your GP were to specifically prescribe Dostinex, and that drug turned out to be in short supply, the pharmacist is stuck. He's not allowed to supply anything else.

However if your GP prescribes the generic drug, the pharmacist IS allowed to supply ANY of the three. Thus shortages are much less of a problem. In addition the generic options are (usually) much cheaper. It is therefore good to encourage the GP to prescribe generic medication where possible.


Are you saying pergolide isn't included in the LeighDay action?
It seems only cabaser and ropinirole/requip are, as pergolide isn't another form of either?
If so, more people affected by pergolide need to make themselves known to Leigh Day and press for inclusion in planning future challenges.

More info on Pergolide in Wikipedia:


Didier Jambart won his case against GlaxoSmithKline for damage ,including hypersexuality,in tha appeal court in Nantes, France.
He was awarded over £100,000 in damages,
This provides a precedent for others in Europe to pursue further cases.

A big step forward in the fight for justice!

my husband as just lost his case...fri 21st oct 2011. (4 years). (I am new on the forum) he took pergolide .

I am so sorry to hear your husband lost his case.
I'm afraid I don't know much about Pergolide and litigation against the makers.
You must feel very let down by the legal system.
I do hope your husband is managing well with alternative medication.
If there is anything I can do to help particularly re other meds to replace the DAs.. we have struggled but are now coping better.Please let us know how you are coping.

thank-you for your kind word's . we are not giving up.

we remarried two year ago..

Hello pop and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that your husband has lost his case,was he told why and is he able to appeal the decision?

Ive just read your link and it clearly shows yet another victim of the DA's like many many others on the forum.In my case it was I who had the OCD and it has left us financially bereft and paying back debts monthly out of benefits. The damage and devastation that these drugs cause is shocking and it is very wrong that your husband wasn't successful with his case. You must both be feeling very let down.

Do you know if he was the first person in UK to attempt to take the pharmaceutical company to court?

I do hope that you can find some support here and in turn your experiences will, I am sure help others. I hope to see you around the site for a chat, take care.


Hi Pop1.

I've just sent you a PM. Can you let me know if it doesn't arrive.


Resurrected temporarily for Podger

Just an update on the legal situation re Requip/Ropinirole.
We have been involved with Leigh Day solicitors who specialise in this kind of case.
After thorough research and the best legal advice they find they cannot pursue a case against GlaxoSmithKline or the consultant who prescribed a massive overdose for years.
It is not against the law to sell a drug with dangerous side effects.
It has to be proved that no warning was given and if it had been then the user would read it and stop taking it, the side effects then stopping.
No warning in Requip until March 2007. My husband took it fron 2000 and did not stop when the warnings appeared. By then he was effectively insane but this doesn't count.
So no case to be found.
Consultant... not illegal to prescribe massive overdose as long as warnings given.
Warnings appear in my husband's computerised notes. (!)
So, if you developed OCDs before warning appeared in packet, you have a case as long as you stopped when it did appear.
French case established hypersexuality as a side effect in law.
All weighted in favour of drug companies but we knew that!

Only in the UK.

Never mind justice, what about compassion for a fellow human being who is suffering from one of the cruellest of conditions who has landed in the gutter because of their drug.

Why was I told of the side-effects of shopping and gambling in 2006 and yet it took the drug company until 2007 to print it on the insert?

Surely some-ones palms are being well greased over this whole affair.

Why the "No Legal Aid" to sue drug companies? Seems a pretty specific element to be introduced by the government.

Leigh Day, what can I say. If that is the law, it's an ass. The law needs changing. I wish I could spout a load of waffle and wash my hands of all my debts.

"Sorry credit cards, you should have asked to see the list of drugs I was on and spotted changes in my spending habits, so you know, tough."

Then I'll set up a mini Dale Farm in my front garden. See what happens.