Dopamine Agonists and catastrophic Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders

Good afternoon, Titan.

Increased poetic and creative output are well-documented and relatively commonplace symptoms of DA-induced OCDs.

Please seek help.


The Parkinson's UK website has been updated with full details of the awareness campaign on Impulsive and compulsive behaviour

You can find the link here


Thanks, Tim. Great to see good progress being made.


To Pop1:

Hi. Following your lack of success in the courts (as per your posts of 23/24 October), I wish you every success in your approach to, and recent discussions with, your MP.

If you can, could you please keep us updated as to progress?



Well I've been told "tough doo doos.".

It was put more politely than that to be fair.

Because I was taken off meds by savvy neuro in 2006. I'm time barred Something like that.

I tried begging letters to creditors. Nothing doing with them either, Just got a reminder about how much I owed. Not even a picture of Santa.

In my condition I shouldn't have this stress, resort to begging, having to go to MP's/solicitors/Citizens Advice.

Well I have woken up to "tough doo doos", what is some more over the phone or through the door?

And all the while the perpetrator to all my torment stays ominously silent through it all, watching ... just watching.

Hi all
The reason why my husband lost his case, is because the chemist did not keep records of the pharmaceutical company’s name that supplied his medication.
He took Pergolide from 1998 to the end of 2005. They put a warning on the patient information leaflet. that the Pergolide was connected to compulsive behaviour in 2006
The chemist put the name of the drug. Pergolide and its dosage on his records. He took 1mg at first then 4 mg over the duration of the next 7 years.
We had one box, 6 empty blister pack's and a patient information leaflet which did not contain any warning's that it could cause compulsive behaviour. If we would have had more boxes. we would have had a stronger case,
The name on the box is Dr Reddy and the patient information leaflet named TEVA as the manufacturer of the Pergolide,
I spoke to the MHRA to ask why the chemist does not have to put the name of the pharmaceutical
companies name on patients records, they refereed me to the GPC. who said “they are not do not have to put the pharmaceutical company’s name on the records, its not a requirement they have to do. They refereed me back to MHRA. It is obvious that NO ONE will take responsibility for this action.


For those who have enquired, I have offered my services to PUK as an Ambassador, but nothing is likely to happen until the New Year.


last year i was on lot of mirapexon:rolling_eyes:now im on 3 ,i feel in my self my pd is well kinda helped,but my emoutions are terrible,i cry so much ,have done for weeks,when i say cry ,i cry and cry .everythin seems to upset on 2 antidepresernts,have been for bout 9 months now,so im not depressed,i no that.i just can not put me finger on the point wot is rong :rolling_eyes:

This thread is specifically about catastrrophic OCDs.

ino it is,and im on mirpexon and that is a da as u no,im tryin to ask if anyone is expercin simular problems wot happinin to me,and if so do they think the da has any part in the fact i feel like i do now?i dont feel ive rote on the rong thread at all,after all this is about das and im on them:smile:

Well it's not just about DAs, it's about the unlucky few who suffer from catastrophic obsessive/compulsive disorders.

We know that at least 1 in 4 patients who are prescribed DAs will experience OCDs to some degree, but how many of that 24% have their lives totally ruined and all their assets and savings wiped out, with hundreds of thousands of pounds of debts outstanding, we have no idea.

What I am sure of is that your case doesn't fit that group.

ROS how petty.

Ali if your crying is devastating to you of course you should post on yhis thread.

Take care x

Bubble, for your info I've spent nearly all of my waking and lucid time over the last few weeks talking (elsewhere) to Ali, as several others will confirm.

If you look back at postings over the last couple of years you'll find that I've been solidly behind her, fighting her corner in the thick of it when she's been misunderstood.

Her current problems are unrelated to OCDs, and if she posts on this thread she won't get the support she needs.

ray ,please leave me alone,my prob i have is with my das,my mirpexon.and that im very low as well,bit of mixture,so i do need some help,and ive come to the correct thread to ask about my i said i was on quite a few before,now on 3 ,but i still wonderin if this can be makin me feel like i do ,it hard to explain really .i also have voices in my head which does not help the prob,i wonted to no if this was a concern to the drug also:confused:

Please see your doctors ASAP, Ali.

ive spokern to my dr,ray ,and i would like to no if other members on this forum ,people who have posted on this thread have had these probs that iam havin ,so please could u let people tell me please and let them speak so it helps me out,if others are havin same as me i would like them to explain wot helps them so i could help me self.thankyou:smile:

Hi again Ali.

The point I'm trying to make is that this thread is mainly used by DA patients who have been through really catastrophic, life-destroying OCDs. Not folk who are likely to be much help to you.

Your problems deserve their own thread within "Treatments".

ive beeen through it and am agin ray ,and need help as much as others do this is why im askin for help,dont worry i wont post agin i can see u got aprob with me,im tryin thats all,to ask members and ask for help,sorry:disappointed:

Ali ....just post wherever you feel is comfortable for YOU, That means in this thread or any other thread, the only person/persons who are here to judge whether your post is in the wrong place are the Mods.

Have you got all your Xmas shopping done yet and written your Xmas wish list for Santa ? :grin:

thankyou:smile:ive not got them all yet,been poorly ,but im neally there havin help by bec,and me carer helped alot,and i really grateful to them .hope you all sorted out for xmas.x:smile: